Josh Duhamel Goes Out For Breakfast And Spends Time With His Adorable Baby Boy Axl

Caitlin Anders | March 20, 2014 - 3:15 pm

There’s nothing I love more than adorable celebrity babies. Celebrities babies hanging out with their attractive celebrity dads? Perfection.

Josh Duhamel took his baby son Axl out for breakfast this morning, gigantic baby carrier and all. I love the way dads handle their babies sometimes. Josh has Axl thrown into the crook of one arm like a little football. Too cute. 

Josh and Axl even matched as they went on their outing. Josh’s bright blue hat and shoes matched perfectly with Axl’s bright blue pants. I can’t, it’s too adorable.

Josh and Axl’s day of bonding didn’t stop there. Josh later Instagrammed a picture of Axl wearing a bright orange North Dakota sweatshirt with the caption, “Representing the ND…and being photobombed by our dog Zoe.” Indeed, Zoe is peeking her head into the shot from the background. Babies and dogs, my two favorite things.

Babies and dogs seem to be Josh’s favorite things too, as he’s also slightly obsessed with his dog Zoe and rescue dogs in general. Is there anything more attractive? No, no there is not.