Josh Duhamel Gives Fergie’s Baby Bump A Rub, Talks About Fatherhood

Fergie Photoshopped
What happened to Fergie?
Josh Duhamel is all about Fergie’s baby bump you guys.

The hottie was spotted on the red carpet last night (August 20) giving his lady’s bump some love at the premiere of his new movie Scenic Route. These two just look so ready to have a baby already. I mean, do you see Fergie’s stomach? Girl looks like she is about to pop.

Also, Fergie is a big fan of putting her body into leather. Well, whatever works for her I suppose. You know, I think Josh is going to be a really cute dad. 

He was telling reporters earlier this week how he was taking off some time from work just to be with Fergie and the baby boy. He probably just wants to make sure that Fergie puts this onesie on him. I like when dad’s take time off from work for the baby. Dad maternity leave is a very good idea.

Launch the gallery to check out all the photos from the red carpet. I’m not a huge fan of Fergie’s jacket, but she looks a lot better than other pregnant ladies we’ve seen. Leave us your thoughts in the comments!