Josh Duhamel Gets His Hands Dirty, Talks Baby Names

Josh Duhamel has teamed up with Habitat for Humanity and Valspar Paint to launch the Valspar Hearts and Hands for Habitat campaign to benefit Habitat for Humanity’s Disaster Response program. As part of the initiative, autographed handprints from Duhamel (he’s seen here doing just that earlier today) and other celebrities will be auctioned to raise funds for those affected by natural disasters (plus, Valspar will donate $1,000 for each set of prints).

Josh spoke with The Huffington Post about fatherhood and baby names. As for baby names, Josh and Fergie are going to be thoughtful about naming their baby.

“They actually stole my name (referring to Kim Kardashian and Kanye West naming their baby North), because I’m from North Dakota and we were going to name the baby North. So thanks, Kanye and Kim. You know what, who cares? It’s no one’s business what people name their kids. Sometimes they’re a little ridiculous, but if anything, it just puts pressure on the kid to live up to that crazy name. So, you have to think about that. Our kid is going to be saddled with enough, we don’t want to add to that. But we love the name that we’ve picked and we think it’s going to be perfect for him. And anyone who doesn’t like it, too bad.”

So what is Josh worried about the most in regards to fatherhood? “I’m not worried about the sleepless nights or the crying or anything like that. I know that comes with it. It’s when your kid gets hurt, when they bump their heads. When they get their feelings hurt for the first time. You don’t want them to go through that, but everyone has to go through that. I think when you love someone that much, you don’t want them to feel pain and feel hurt, but that’s part of it. And that, to me, is going to be the hardest thing to watch.”

I think Josh is going to be an awesome father. He’s gonna handle the bump and bruises just fine.

Check out Josh having a good ole time at today’s Valspar Hearts and Hands for Habitat campaign launch by clicking through the gallery.

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