Josh Duhamel Flashes His Gorgeous Smile While Grocery Shopping

Josh Duhamel's Sexy Self
Josh Duhamel struts around New York with his sexy self.
Fergie is one lucky girl!   Not only is she married to hunky Josh Duhamel but apparently her man also does the grocery shopping!  Ugh, if only we were all so lucky.  We said it before and we’ll say it again, he is a DILF!

Josh was flashing his gorg smile all over the supermarket parking lot yesterday.  He kept it laid-back with sneakers, sweats, and a very interesting looking t-shirt.  Apparently this isn’t any old run of the mill shirt, it features a drawing by artist Jean Michel Basquiat.  Not sure what that means but it sounds expensive.  

What we really want to know is what’s in those bags.  Maybe he was making a special dinner for Fergie and Baby Axl?  Imagining Josh Duhamel cooking my dinner is making me super jealous of Fergie Ferg right now…

And just when we thought Josh Duhamel couldn’t get anymore perfect, we saw his Instagram.  Turns out he is a major team USA soccer fan.  He snapped a pic yesterday of him and some buddies getting pretty crazy over the World Cup.

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