Josh Button, The Diet Dr. Pepper Guy’s Intense Shirtless Workout

The 'Friday Night Lights' star took it off.
Staying in shape is not easy, especially when you’re an actor/model.

Josh Button, also known as the Diet Dr. Pepper Guy, knows exactly how hard it is to maintain the goods. Button was seen yesterday (June 18, 2013) getting in an intense workout in a park in Miami, FL.

Business Insider spoke with the model and asked him about how he keep in shape. “I love surfing, and that’s become a big hobby for me lately,” revealed Button. “I’m a really active person and love sports. I also try to eat in moderation, although I’m not strict by any means. Staying active allows me to consume a lot of calories. 

Yeah, and doing intense workout’s like this one!

For a refresher, take a look at Josh’s Diet Dr. Pepper video below. Then launch the gallery to check out all the pics of Josh and his workout.