Joseph Gordon Levitt To Be In New Zombie Comedy With Scarlett Johannson

That adorable human being Joseph Gordon Levitt is reported to star in a romantic zombie comedy with Scarlett Johannson. MTV says the script is written by Diablo Cody of Juno and United States of Tara fame. Shwing! If the official synopsis doesn’t get you totally psyched on the film, then I don’t know what will.

Meet Andy Warner, a recently deceased everyman and newly minted
zombie. Resented by his parents, abandoned by his friends, and reviled
by a society that no longer considers him human, Andy is having a bit of
trouble adjusting to his new existence. But all that changes when he
goes to an Undead Anonymous meeting and finds kindred souls in Rita, an
impossibly sexy recent suicide with a taste for the formaldehyde in
cosmetic products, and Jerry, a twenty-one-year-old car crash victim
with an exposed brain and a penchant for Renaissance pornography. When
the group meets a rogue zombie who teaches them the joys of human flesh,
things start to get messy, and Andy embarks on a journey of
self-discovery that will take him from his casket, to the SPCA, to a
media-driven class-action lawsuit on behalf of the rights of zombies

WTF? That sounds like pure awesome. I’m praying this is for real because I couldn’t handle the heart break if it doesn’t work out.

Seen here Joseph Gordon Levitt chats with director David
Koepp on the set of Premium Rush on September 2nd in New York City and
stays fit with co-star Wolé Parks.
Levitt, who has had recent success kicking ass in Inception, rides around in bubbles, survived getting hit by a taxi and is just plain cute as pie will be absolutely hilarious as a zombie. Can I please squeeze those cheeks?