Joseph Gordon-Levitt Was Comfy Being Naked For ‘Don Jon’

Michael Prieve | October 15, 2013 - 8:00 am

In the new film Don Jon, actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays plays Jon Martello, a New Jersey gym rat with bulging biceps, shiny hair full of “product,” a smooth way of getting the ladies to bed and, most of all, an addiction to Internet porn. Many scenes are devoted to Jon’s pleasuring himself in front of a laptop.

On some of his sexier scenes in the film, Joseph told Your Tango, “I reminded myself that the thing about sexy scenes is when you put them all together in editing then they look sexy. When you’re shooting them, it’s like any other scene. I don’t find screen nudity awkward. The important thing is that you’re telling a story. This is just a different way to see this human being that you’re creating on the big screen.” 

Well this is very good news! Here is hoping for many more nude scenes from Mr. Gordon-Levitt.

Launch the gallery to check out more pics of Joseph taking a flight out of LAX.

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