Joseph Gordon-Levitt; A Dark Knight Has Risen! Check Out This #ThrowBackThursday!

'The Dark Knight Rises'
Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale get into character.
Sure Joeseph Gordon-Levitt is a big shot now, but do you remember him when he was playing little Tommy Soloman on 3rd Rock From the Sun?

Who would’ve guessed that little cutie would’ve matured into such a hot commodity? Of course that’s a no-brainer, everyone saw that one coming we were all just hoping that the time would pass by quickly!

From a hopeless romantic in (500) Days of Summer, to defying gravity in the dream world of Inception, ending with some good vs. evil in The Dark Knight Rises; Joseph has played almost every character known to mankind! As sexy as he is, he’s managed to keep an impeccable track record in the entertainment world.

This baby-faced stud muffin cleans up well; so well in fact I think I speak for woman everywhere when I say if he could always walk around in a suit the world would be a happy place! If talent, brains and suave-ness (I know it’s not a word but hey, this guy is suave on a whole new level!) are what your looking for, than you’ve found you ideal match with Joeseph Gordon-Levitt!