Jordin Sparks Promoting Album And Being A Role Model

With her second album fresh on iTunes, and other places people by music, American Idol winner Jordin Sparks took some time out to talk to reporters about what’s been going on with her.

Her latest album, Battlefield, attempts to show that the 19-year-old has matured and is trying to be more confident. “I’ve grown up a little bit,” Jordin said. “But I haven’t gotten too old. I’m only 19. I still have more growing to do and a lot to learn. I’m still the quirky girl who embarrasses herself on a daily basis”

One of Jordin’s main goals is to be a role model for young girls. Think about it, how often have you seen her on our site for anything scandalous? “I am a role model. I want to make sure I’m not cussing. I don’t cuss anyway. Sex, drugs and rock and roll. I don’t know about those things!” Instead of usual curse words, Jordin uses “mother father. Or shaz. Or shut the front door. Or what the foghorn”

Luckily, most critics agree that Battlefield is quite a good album, so hopefully Jordin can skip that ugly sophomore slump. “I’m always on guard,” she said. “I never assume people will like what I come out with.” Her first single “Battlefield” does have slight 1980s, Pat Benatar thing going, which Jordin didn’t even realize. “When I first heard the song, I fell in love. I didn’t think of Pat Benatar at all.”

Jordin already has more than four million downloads of her single online, but to her the important thing is the album, and the leak of it last month upset her. “Of course, we want people to buy it,” she said. We worked hard to put it out there. When it leaks, it’s like we lose a little piece of our heart. It hurts real bad.”

Hopefully people buy the album so that the hurt goes away.

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