Jordin Sparks: Moon Over Miami

Oh, if only I could sing.

I imagine if I could then I would have spent the afternoon before Super Bowl Sunday sipping on tropical cocktails and frolicking in the waves in Miami Beach like Jordin Sparks instead of working.  Actually I don’t care so much about fruity drinks as long as I could have a tall drink of Steph Jones.  I completely missed that the “Tattoo” singer had a hot piece to lounge about with. 

The American Idol, who already had her football performance behind her, got to spend the day on her tan. She and her friends got a  little bit of moon along with their sun, though, when a football fan in face paint ran up to the group and did a quick rendition of pants on the ground. The face paint flasher then picked up his pants and continued running up the beach boardwalk.  I’m not sure what kind of message he was trying to send there. Kiss my ass Colts?  Pierre Thomas is a butt? Check me out paps?

The random gesture might have sent the group packing though and freaked out Sparks.  Is she sucking her thumb?