Jordin Sparks Is Joining The Circus

Jordin Sparks is just living the high life. Currently the American Idol winning songstress is touring with the Jonas Brothers and it was recently announced that she is going to be the opening act for The Circus Starring Britney Spears here in the states. 

Jordin won’t be along on stage though. Britney’s official website also announced that Kristina DeBarge will still be performing and that Girlicious and One Call will appear in select cities. 
It’s probably a good thing that there will be another opening act. Jordin seems to have some vocal problem that likes to pop up every now and again causing her to miss shows. It happened last year and this year on the JoBro tour, causing her to miss a week of shows before rejoining them in St. Petersburg. 
Seriously, it must be so nice to be Jordin. You get to tour with the Jonas Brothers, who, as we all must come to realize, are so beautiful to look at. And now you get to tour with Brit Brit. Can I be you, Jordin? I can! Thanks! I’ll send over the body switching devices this afternoon. Watch out Kevin Jonas. I’m coming and I’m going to make you mine. 
Gallery Info: Jordin Sparks and The Jonas Brothers performing in St. Petersburg.