Jordin Sparks, “American Liar”

OMG, the title for this post implies that I’m being way more judgmental than I really am about this story, but it just seemed too clever to pass up. This past season’s “American Idol” winner, Jordin Sparks has it written on her official bio online that she has not received formal coaching for her voice, which Melissa Black claims is a slap in the face to all the work she did training the young singer.

“Jordin was just 14 years old when she studied with me in 2004,” vocal coach Melissa Black told Star magazine. “Her mom, Jodi Sparks, and her grandmother, Pam Wiedmann — who acts as her manager — found me on the Internet. We were together for nine months of intense vocal work, with Jordin taking one 30-minute class a week at $25 per class … I knew she wouldn’t take long to perfect her craft because she was so good.”

Although Black admits that she didn’t have contact with Jordin after the lessons stopped, she did say that she felt “hurt” when she learned that the “American Idol” winner had failed to make it clear that she’d had some training before entering the nationwide talent search.

“Jordin didn’t have to mention my name, but at least acknowledge you had training,” she told the tab. “But I’ve moved on, and I hold my head up high.”

This is one of those stories that I find a little difficult to write about, just because I guess this woman has a point, but then again, I feel kind of like, “Eh, who cares?” That is, until someone comments and points out to me why this should be considered a heated issue. I think I’ll just wait for that to happen.