Jordin Sparks, “American Liar”

May 30th, 2007 // 18 Comments

OMG, the title for this post implies that I’m being way more judgmental than I really am about this story, but it just seemed too clever to pass up. This past season’s “American Idol” winner, Jordin Sparks has it written on her official bio online that she has not received formal coaching for her voice, which Melissa Black claims is a slap in the face to all the work she did training the young singer.

“Jordin was just 14 years old when she studied with me in 2004,” vocal coach Melissa Black told Star magazine. “Her mom, Jodi Sparks, and her grandmother, Pam Wiedmann — who acts as her manager — found me on the Internet. We were together for nine months of intense vocal work, with Jordin taking one 30-minute class a week at $25 per class … I knew she wouldn’t take long to perfect her craft because she was so good.”

Although Black admits that she didn’t have contact with Jordin after the lessons stopped, she did say that she felt “hurt” when she learned that the “American Idol” winner had failed to make it clear that she’d had some training before entering the nationwide talent search.

“Jordin didn’t have to mention my name, but at least acknowledge you had training,” she told the tab. “But I’ve moved on, and I hold my head up high.”

This is one of those stories that I find a little difficult to write about, just because I guess this woman has a point, but then again, I feel kind of like, “Eh, who cares?” That is, until someone comments and points out to me why this should be considered a heated issue. I think I’ll just wait for that to happen.


By Lisa Timmons

  1. Joya

    maybe she considered that informal?

  2. Bimsicle

    Why lie here? Millions of young people watched Idol, including, for the first time, my son. It will be interesting explaining this to him if he reads about it in the paper. (Sorry, he doesn’t read celebrity-gossip sites yet.) Plus, this lie is about the focus of the competition. Some lies seem understandable, like lying out of shame about a skeleton in the closet, out of shame. This one seems deceptive, sneaky, golly shucks I am so talented I didn’t need traning. I don’t know if it’s heated. But it sure is odd, and unnecessary.

  3. S_M_G

    Lisa, I don’t think it’s a heated issue :-) But it’s like the girls who work out all day and then claim they are naturally toned. Or an athlete claiming he started playing that sports at 16 years old and was drafted at 18.

    People have this “everything about me is natural, God gave me this gift and I didn’t need to work to perfect it because it was already perfect” bullshit they ride on.

    Oh and who believed Jodan had no vocal training? That control doesn’t come naturally at 17. Bull!

  4. Simon

    Someone please tell her to keep her tongue in her mouth! SOOO disgusting that she’s always sticking it out.

  5. Wow, saying you didn’t have any formal training when you have is lying. Who knows, maybe she got a bunch of votes because they thought she did it all on her own. Or it could have been an honest mistake. I guess we’ll never find out.


  7. peachpie

    nah, it’s not heated… unless you’re the dude who lost to her. i’d be pretty hacked if i were that dude. isn’t AI supposed to be all about ‘amateur talent’? not only did she have formal training, didn’t she open concerts for some country band too? that’s totally not cool. didn’t some contestant get kicked off the show a few years ago for having ‘professional singing experience’? professional = paid, in that partic instance. yeah, not heated, but screwy fo’ sho’.

  8. Kare Bear

    I’m sorry but one (1) thirty minute class a week at a rate of $25.00 is NOT FORMAL training come-on this was something like a high school music teach or chorus instructor that needed Summer cash thirty minutes once a week is NOT anywhere near formal training.

  9. lrm216

    What the heck difference does it make. Many of them have had training along the way, and have openly admitted it during their tryouts, etc. It’s still a natural god-given talent, whether polished by professional training or not. Hell, I could have the best trainers and instructors in the world and it still wouldn’t make me a singer. The talent has to be their first, as it was with Jordin and any other good singer.

  10. genevieve83

    I don’t know what the rules of AI are, but there’s been a lot of print about this girl on the sites. Last I heard, it was about her getting special consideration because her father’s an athlete or something. Now it’s about her getting professional voice training. If she broke the rules then she doesn’t deserve the win. If she skating by, while someone got booted because of the same circumstances, then she doesn’t deserve the win or that other person deserves a second chance.

    If she didn’t break the rules of the show, then she obviously won on her talent. I thought it was supposed to be about finding hidden talent? No matter who she is – if she has the pipes, then she deserves to keep her win. All of this other stuff is just squirting ink in the water – keeping AI in the tabs as long as possible.

    Either way, that’s one big girl. She looks like she must take after her daddy.

  11. kate

    Jordin is one of those pageant kids. She’s been training her entire life for this, taking lessons, entering contests, singing professionally at events. She even won America’s Most Talented Kids:

    And she recorded an album with Christian singer Michael Smith. Her family has been shopping demos around for years.

    Of course she had formal training. She’s not some undiscovered novice. This girl is a pro.

  12. eric

    HEY!! Who gives a shit rather she had training or not. This is new???Come on find something better to talk about!!!!!

  13. muffintop

    Not only is it not heated… It’s a non issue… Does it matter if someone taught her the scales. God gave her the voice. This woman is just looking for recognition!

    Gosh… It must be such a SLOW NEWS DAY!!!

  14. Mo'Dean

    I don’t think she actually broke any rules, but there was sure a lot of sandbagging about the amount of pro/semi-pro singing she’d done in the past, the earlier competitions she’d won, etc. Compare to Melinda, who got called “our resident pro” at every opportunity – the impression that Jordin was just some kid who came in as an amateur AND SHE’S ONLY 17!!! was misleading. No mention that some of her best numbers, especially “A Broken Wing,” were things she’d been singing on stage for years. She seems like a nice kid, maybe a bit entitled, but I do think the show was encouraging that sort of deceit and was pimping her hard at Melinda’s expense.

  15. Cionf

    Would you like some cheese with your whine? I think her voice is worth more than $25 per lesson. I belive Ms. Black has had her 15 minutes of fame, and is asking for more. Cheese!

  16. Starless

    guys, did Star Magazine bring this juicy tidbit of Scandal to you because it “deserved” attention? pleeeeease, you guys aren’t stupid. It did so to boost its own sales – it’s just cold hard business. Whether the story had any substance, or if it’s even true, is irrelevant. The tabloid’s job is to twist, distort, sensationalize, or use any other means, to make money! cold hard $$$cash! Whether their victim’s feelings or reputations are unjustly damaged is of no concern to them. even your large news networks are not immunue – remember the stories about the Weapons of Mass Destruction of a publicly murdered “dictator”?

  17. T Artist

    Jordin and Rihanna are the finest things walkin in the teens.

  18. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UR A LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JUST CAUSE SHE DIDN’T MENTION YOU !I SEE WHY SHE DID NOT SAY UR NAME UR ACTING B#$#HY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

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