Jordan’s Son Burns Were From Accidental Scalding

The son of British pinup star Jordan, suffered serious burns when he stepped into a bath and ran scalding hot water over himself. Her son Harvey, who is four, was born with crippling disabilities. Apparently, the skin from his right legged is now stripped of skin below the knee.

Harvey was fully clothed when he stepped into the bath at pregnant Jordan’s new £3million home in Ockley, Surrey, and turned on the 60°C hot tap.

Last night it was unclear how long he remained in the water before he was discovered. But sources said that his injuries were inadvertently made worse when he was found as his frantic rescuer tore off his trousers, taking skin with them.

A source close to Jordan, 28, said: “It’s a million-to-one freak accident. “No one could have stopped it.”

I beg to differ with the last sentence. It’s called supervision of your child.

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