Jordan’s Son Burns Were From Accidental Scalding

January 5th, 2007 // 28 Comments

The son of British pinup star Jordan, suffered serious burns when he stepped into a bath and ran scalding hot water over himself. Her son Harvey, who is four, was born with crippling disabilities. Apparently, the skin from his right legged is now stripped of skin below the knee.

Harvey was fully clothed when he stepped into the bath at pregnant Jordan’s new £3million home in Ockley, Surrey, and turned on the 60°C hot tap.

Last night it was unclear how long he remained in the water before he was discovered. But sources said that his injuries were inadvertently made worse when he was found as his frantic rescuer tore off his trousers, taking skin with them.

A source close to Jordan, 28, said: “It’s a million-to-one freak accident. “No one could have stopped it.”

I beg to differ with the last sentence. It’s called supervision of your child.

Jordan’s tot was scalded [The Sun]

By Jessica Marx

  1. sarah

    If this had happened to britney spears, she’d be slaughtered by the media for it and labeled as neglectful. Why wasn’t this woman watching her child?

  2. kim

    it is unreasonable to think that every parent should be within arms reach of their children until they turn 18. my friend has an 18 month old who can run and has a mind of his own. she has to make dinner, fold laundry, and sometimes even blink – and in the second her head is turned, her son can run across the room, climb onto a couch or up the stairs, and fall. this doesn’t make her abusive. there are just some inherent risks to being alive.

  3. Andrea

    This accident could have happened to anybody. It’s an unfortuante accident – he could have been unattended for a couple of minutes and injured, you can say that how careless his parents were or you can realize that accidents can and do happen. There are constant stories of how children reach for cups filled with hot water or coffee- it just happens. Give the parents a break.

  4. Shawna

    My daughter is ten years old…when she was a baby, yes I did watch her 24/7…That was my job and responsibility…Even people who babysat for me knew better than to let her out of their site…it’s called supervision

  5. Andrea and Kim…
    I sincerely hope you two dolts do not have children.
    This is not just a child…This is disabled child. He should have been supervised. (AND I seriously doubt this whore was “folding laundry”)….

    She should be charged with child endangerment…and you two twits should be sterilized.

  6. The parents are definitely negligent. Maybe not criminally, but negligent none the less.

    You are absolutely right, had it been Britney Spears, she would have been hauled into child welfare office, then the police station, then run out of the country.

    For those of you defending this as just an “accident”, i echo the hope that you don’t reproduce.

  7. spp

    You might want to change that “we’re” in the headline to “were”.

  8. …and you might want to get a life there SPP

  9. kim

    i’m curious, shawna and repko –

    what do you suggest parents do while they sleep? hire a babysitter?

  10. Parent

    If you have children, especially handicapped children, your hot water heater should be turned down to a point that will not allow anyone to be burned. This is the only fool-proof way to prevent such things happening.
    Even if you are standing beside the tub, a child can suddenly fall into, or push a hot water control to full on and scald themselves. Turn hot water heater down to “warm” and then turn it up bit at a time each day until it is uncomfortable, but you are not burned.

  11. Lauren

    I knew my comment “It’s called supervision of your child” would touch a nerve. As the mother of disabled son myself, you have to take every precaution with the child. No, I can’t watch him 24/7, but I can take every precaution that I can in my house. There is such a thing as a hot water lock on faucets. They give me one less thing to worry about.

    Oh, and I cleaned up my ‘.

  12. Soberon

    Let’s have common sense and realize that when anybody comes into contact with hot water or anything hot, you recoil from it. It’s called instinct. Why did the child not get out from under the scalding water? What would have prevented him to act instinctively? I know he is blind and therefore disabled, but his body would do it on his own. The story sounds very fishy…

  13. tahlullah

    My god–is every childhood accident the result of negligence on the part of the parents? It says her new home so I doubt someone like Jordan had even an idea where the hot water heater was, let alone the ability to change the temperature. Even a child like Harvey can manage to sneak away and get into trouble. Parents that have never had a child have an accident or a scare are just lucky, not super parents. And I’m willing to bet that children that have parents watching and fretting over their every move will cause some serious trouble as teenagers.

  14. jane_smith

    He’s autistic, not blind. Autistic children don’t react to situations the way “normal” people do.

    It’s also dangerous to turn your water heater down to the ‘warm’ setting. That allows very bad bacteria to grow in the heating unit (that would normally be prevented by the heat) that gets into your water system and can make your whole family sick. So, it’s a lose/lose situation. I personally choose to keep a closer eye on my child than put my entire family at risk for getting sick from some bacteria.

    Very unfortunate accident.

  15. kittyliterati

    Having read everyone’s comments (and suffering from insomnia):

    Accidents do happen, and even careful moms who take precautions can have them. But Katie Price needs to realize that Harvey requires more than the usual attention because of his condition (being partially blind and autistic).

    And no, normal moms may not be able to hire a babysitter, but she’s well within her means to hire extra help if she even felt for a minute that she couldn’t do it all on her own (then again, this is the woman who lets Harvey feel for crisps off the floor as a way of keeping him occupied).

    Anyway, Harvey should’ve never been allowed to wander so far from Katie, especially in a new home. If she ruins the laundry, she can always buy new clothes. Can’t buy a new Harvey.

  16. Robin

    Wow, I am amazed on how critical everyone is on this woman and her child-we do not know all the circumstances surrounding this accident. Was she watching her child? who knows. Was she tending to her other child? Was the child in someone else’s care? We get a glance in to their lives and yet we think we know enough to post such harsh and hurtful comments. Accidents happen people. NO ONE IS PERFECT!!!

  17. Kim…Kim…Kim…

    What a ridiculously obtuse point you make. The world is a better place now. Please, run along now and play in traffic.

  18. emma

    wow,seriously,this woman has a child with disabilities and its really sad that she cant even watch him closely enough so that he does not get injured…now shes pregnant,i really hope her kids survive,maybe this will be a lesson to her…

  19. emma

    by the way my son is autistic as well,and you can never never ever let them out of your sight,seriously folks i myself dont even take a shower untill my husband comes home from work because im afraid to leave him alone and he’s sorry it just upsets me to hear about something like this happening,believe me i know its hard to take care of an autistic child but,you can never let your guard down never…

  20. briggade

    I have a friend who has an autistic son and he is very indifferent to pain alot of the times (he does feel it but does not react exactly the same way that we would) and she can NEVER let him out of her sight not even for a second….She tells me it’s like having 5 kids in one…

  21. blhrm5

    I myself am a mother of a child who was burned.I was within 5 feet of where it happened. It was so fast I couldnt get to him in time. It was the worst moment in my life it still to this day makes me sick to think about it. No matter how much people tell me it was a accident it doesnt matter I am the parent it is 100% my job to keep my kids safe. I failed and have to live with that forever.Im sure they both feel awful.Hope the little one heals soon.

  22. terexam2

    60 degrees celsius = 140 degrees fahrenheit. Won’t take long for a really bad burn, and even a normal child panicking in the tub is going to struggle in getting out. Parenting guides recommend no hotter than 120 degrees in the hot water heater, which is sufficient for most purposes.

  23. D LZ

    All parents know kids get away! If you want to be a SAINT, then you’re full of BS. You don’t know the circumstances, so don’t judge…

  24. Lauren

    As I said earlier, “there is such a thing as a hot water lock on faucets” to prevent kids from injuring themselves in the bath. Accidents do happen, and the accident was a horrible one. Maybe in the future Jordan will decide to use her wealth to either hire some extra help (or spend $50 on a hot water faucet lock), instead of investing in more plastic surgery.

  25. jamessto

    JOrdan drank and took drugs whilst she was pregnant with Harvey, she did it with her last pregnancy and shes still drinking during this one.

    Stop sucking Jordans asshole, shes a rubbish mum and she doesn’t give a crap about harvey. she probably knew he was in the bathroom. Watch her tv programme, she doesn’t spend any time with him at all.

    While harvey was in hospital she still went off to do a modeling shoot?!!!! If it was my son I wouldn’t leave his bedside, she really has her priorities all messed up. I sometimes wonder whether she was hoping Harvey wouldn’t survive. I hope I’m wrong

  26. carol

    That’s why they make child protection gear. I have things on my door nobs to every bathroom that my daughter can’t turn. I have closers for the toilet. I have cabinets that can’t be opened. They also make things to block the water faucets so they can’t be turned on. There is prevention for these types of accidents and I have no money but I still afforeded them for the safetly of my child!!

  27. donna

    Its called ‘supervision’. More like ‘WORST MUM OF THE YEAR’ opposed to something ‘GREAT’

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