Jordan’s Slip

January 31st, 2006 // 16 Comments

Oh dear. Classy as always.

More of Jordan’s nip slip and attempted recovery after the jump.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fugly Girl

    These boobs were made for poppin, yes that’s just what they’ll do, one of these days these boobs are gonna pop all over you…………

  2. Goldie Locks

    That Jordan is a classy dame…

    What the hell is with the little girl ruffly socks under the boots? Doesnt really mesh well with the skank ensaumble… Innocent my ass, you aint foolin nobody Jordan!

  3. Chris

    Fugly Girl,

    You are too funny!!

  4. mocha

    who the hell is this skank anyways?

  5. gossipwhore

    Mocha – I was just thinking the same thing… is she out version of Paris Hilton?

  6. adrian

    who the hell is this girl. ive seen her in this site before. what does she do besides looking like a skank.

  7. T.J.

    ^She also smells like a skank.

  8. Silasdog

    That ain’t no “slip”. That was a planned, contrived nipple malfunction, specially designed for this photo shoot. I mean, comon, even she knows you can’t put 20 pound boobs in a 10 pound boob halter – somethin’s gotta give – namely the nip. Does anyone know if she has milk in those jugs?

  9. Jean Jeannie

    Is she a tranny?

  10. Heywood Jablowme

    I gotta agree with Silasdog, nip slips are the a great publicity grabber. Nothing stretches someones barely deserved 15 minutes like “accidental” public nudity. Well maybe a sexs tape, right Paris?

  11. Natasha

    I’m so proud to be British right now…sob.

  12. whoop

    “nipple malfunction” hahahahahahaha

    No, seriously, this skankho is waaaaaay past her expiration date and smelling funkAY.

  13. susan


  14. Passport Junkie

    for those slightly confused at this “vision in boots..”

    her name is Katie Price (aka “Jordan”). She’s a (UK) well known glamour girl and media whore.

    Love her or hate her – shes made millions out of people loving to hate her.

    PS susan – its not photoshop – she gets her tits out 24/7 – no need to photoshop…

  15. southerngurl

    Had to be intentional. Why else would she stand (pose) there for so long letting someone take pics of her nips, then play the dumb girl..”ooh, i feel a draft on my nipples. Aahh, no wonder, they are just sitting on top of my too little top! No wonder these people are taking so many pictures of me. Do you think they will end up on the web???”

  16. Wow, is a nice chick.

    Le daria despacio a la tonta.

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