Jordan’s An Author

February 2nd, 2006 // 23 Comments

Using Jordan’s real name, Katie Price, as the author of her new book “Jordan: A Whole New World,” gives the whole adventure such credibility. Once again, she dresses for the occasion, this time wearing a really bad wig.

More photos of author Katie Price, after the jump.

(Images via WENN)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Fugly Girl

    WTF is she wearing? Looks like ace bandages on her legs………..and…..oh my……..Fluffy? is that you?…..sniff sniff….I thought you were just lost in the neighborhood somewhere…………..Fluffy!!!!!!

  2. Girly Girl

    LOL Fugly Girl…

    Two words for you about her outfit:

    Ugly Barbarella.

    p.s. My daughter has Barbie dolls who actually have more realistic hair than this chick… and if you’ve ever tried to ‘brush’ that matted mess of synthetic straw that sits atop a Barbie’s head you’ll understand just how ridiculous her ‘hair’ really is…

  3. FUN-FUN

    Who is JORDAN and why do we care about her so?

  4. susiegrl

    She “wrote” a book?!
    Highlighting her favorite stories from
    “Hustler” does not make a book!!

  5. Danger

    Okay maybe I’m late but who is she?

  6. Discoqwene

    Why does she even bother wearing clothes??

  7. Kelsey

    Does she realize that not every photo-op is a covershoot for Hustler or Playboy?? jesus, close your legs woman

  8. PleaseThink

    She looks like a life size Barbie Doll. Even the hair looks like barbie doll hair.

  9. Just Me

    She is a model in the UK known for posing topless in some publication over there

  10. Silasdog

    This is the 2nd day in a row that this woman has me laughing out loud at her. I mean it, she looks so stupid, it’s comical.

  11. Lily

    No – seriously though…. whats up with this chick?

  12. nevermind

    She looks like she is channeling Traci Bingham. And for as much money as she makes, a better wig should have been put on her head. I agree she is a bad version of Barbie. She better hopes no one stands too near with a lit cigarette!

  13. Danger

    Not to offend anyone who might think Jordan’s hot but she looks like a dude

  14. doofus

    yeah, she “wrote” a book…

    just like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie “wrote” books.

    I agree with you guys on the hair…that “shinyness” TOTALLY makes it look like Barbie-doll hair!

  15. ilostmyshoe

    Who is this woman because I never heard of her?

    She looks like one of those “real dolls” they had on HBO’s Real S#X series a few years ago.

  16. jason

    Damn! Joan Collins has better wigs than that.

  17. whoisthischick

    Who is this chick????

  18. anona

    She looks like Beyonce’ on acid.

  19. Katy

    Jordan has nasty legs… Nicole Richie has bigger thighs than that!

  20. kanga

    oh no i hate to admit it but speaking of barbie hair…. when i was 16 i got hair extensions cost me a fortune (well in my eyes it was a fortune and even now it still was a fortune for how fake they were) any way they were SHIT!!!!!!!!! exactly like barbie hair all itchy and yuckky and CHEAP….. oh my looking at Jordan i will never ever make such a hidious mistake again. (although i dont think mine looked quite that bad)

    if your from aussie dont ever use Monofiber you will risk looking like the mop thats on Jordans head!

  21. Netty

    Please no more of this REAL DOLL! Can you think of someone else to talk about? That’s all I’ve seen is this skank, and with no meaning….WHO CARES!!

  22. Tasha

    Wow… I didn’t even know she could read, let alone write a book (which I bet is entirely composed of photos)

  23. Sulie may

    i no jordan is tarty, but she is a nice person underneath. Shes better than that slut jodie marsh!

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