Jordan Drinks Katie Price Under The Table

An all-night drinking session ended with Katie Price A/K/A Jordan slumped over a table at a cafe in Brighton. Drunk and stumbling, the “glamour model” didn’t exhibit a single white of “glamour” when she was photographed after a full night of hard-partying.

Currently living in Los Angeles to film yet another reality TV show about her life with her husband Peter Andre and their family, Katie jetted home for a visit to Brighton, leaving her hubby to tend to the kids.

A witness said of Katie’s night out in her hometown, “She looked totally out of it. She could barely stand up when she was in the cafe. By the very end, she had stopped drinking and asked the waiter to bring her a hot chocolate.”

And this after all the hard work she’s done to train for the marathon. I’m no running expert, but I’m pretty sure binge drinking isn’t the best way to prepare for a race.

Gallery Info: Katie Price after a hard night out; Katie out with her family in Cross Creek in Malibu.