Jordan Catalano is a Total Douchebag

January 26th, 2007 // 8 Comments

Here’s a surprise. Jared Leto is acting like Princess Pussypants again. The time he got tossed out of a concert at Sundance, and then tried to hit people with liquor bottles like the overweight madam of a Vietnamese brothel. He’s such a tool. Apparently, there weren’t any Hobbits around to choke.

Jared Leto’s bizarre behavior continued this week when the actor-turned-rocker stirred things up at Harry O’s Tao in Park City. While Hasidic hip-hop artist Matisyahu was performing, Leto unsuccessfully tried chatting up Michelle Smith (rumored girlfriend of Chris Robinson), then began bumping into people in the crowded venue as he headed back to his table. When a fellow patron told Leto to “relax,” Leto grabbed a liquor bottle and held it above the guy’s head. Spies said when bouncers asked Leto to leave, he responded by holding up a beer bottle as he was led out. Reps for Leto told Page Six, “This story is completely untrue.”

Even it was untrue, it doesn’t make him any less of an asshole. He tried to choke a bitch when Elijiah Wood said he didn’t like his shitty band. Why would you beat someone up because they don’t like your band? Does this mean Pink Floyd is after me?

Jared Leto is Irritating [The New York Post]


By J. Harvey

  1. I never did quite see what Angela Chase ever saw in him. You knew in that episode where he hooked up with Rayanne that one day he’d be taking out former child star hobbits.

  2. rootabega


  3. Jinxy McDeath

    How can this emo poseuer get this much attention? It’s kind of difficult to terroize people when you weigh a buck 20, and are all of 5’2″! Unless he’s biting your ankles, you’re really not going to be injured. Maybe he can sing at you, causing you to hurl.

  4. shockcorridor

    HAHA What a fucking prick. Requiem for a Dream is the most overrated piece of shit on planet film and this dickwad’s performance in that waste of celluloid was a window into his pathetic soul. WHAT A FUCKING PRICK!

  5. ZeldaF

    he’s a dip-shit……….

  6. Cypress

    Give that She-male ghoul some pork rinds, a beer and a bag twizzlers and he will calm down.

  7. Draya

    “Apparently, there weren’t any Hobbits around to choke.”

    J Harvey, you’re hilarious! You got this idiot’s number. What a wussy. Let’s see Jared pick a fight with somebody who WILL punch him out.

    Poseur. He’s going to wind up as a cashier at Hot Topic.

  8. Mickey

    He might be a douchebag, but his band is actually pretty good and rumor has it that he has one of the biggest cocks in Hollywood.

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