Jordan and Peter Show Off Princess Tiaamii

August 1st, 2007 // 19 Comments

It’s a slow news day, so why not give you some awwwwness.

One of Jordan, Peter and Princess together after the jump.

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By Kimberly London

  1. Michi

    Is it safe for the baby to be chewing on Jordan’s nose in the last thumbnail pic? I mean, isn’t tan in a can and 45lbs of pancake makeup toxic to a newborn? The baby is cute, though. I definitely think she looks like her lady-dude dad.

  2. Kate

    Who’s the ginger in the family? Is Jordan’s bottle blonde hair really ginger??!!

  3. Kate

    Who’s the ginger in the family? Is Jordan’s bottle blonde hair really ginger??!!

  4. Kate

    Who’s the ginger in the family? Is Jordan’s bottle blonde hair really ginger??!!

  5. E-dogg

    Who ARE these people?????

  6. Shootingstar

    That poor child is the spitting image of her father.

    Her mom looks like a cheeto with eyes.

  7. goldend

    craptastic parents, poor baby

  8. Hmmm

    This baby is funny looking. She looks EXACTLY like Peter, but somehow with orange/red hair, blue eyes and pale-pale skin. How the hell do two natural brunettes, one of whom is extremely dark complected and from a family of dark people, have a ginger kid? I mean, obviously they did it somehow, but I am thoroughly confused. Poor little thing, hopefully she darkens up, her Peter’like features really would be more attractive with darker hair and all.

  9. yo

    Is it just me or is looking at peter andre creeping anyone else the fuck out? he’s so odd looking, no longer a man, not yet a woman

  10. LoRider

    OK, I’ll bite – who the phuck are any of these people? More importantly, why should I care?

    Ride Lo

  11. aadams46214

    Lord, I hope this poor baby doesn’t have her mothers nose! These two really don’t belong in the public eye. Yikes!

  12. Woohoo

    Sadly, I have to say something about this childs appearance, She looks a bit like an alien. I know people say all babies are beautiful.. people are wrong .. Her eyes look like they are about to shoot across the room in thumbnail #3

  13. GirlyGirl

    Okay- these people are the Brit equivalent of Nicole Ritchie and Joel Madden… she’s famous for nothing (she does soft core porn pix) and he is a former boy band-er. They have a show on E! called ‘Katie & Peter’ about how fabulously in love and fabulously glamourous their lives are. Except she is a spoiled selfish douchebag and he should hook up with David Gest.

    Katie, aka jordan, is really stupid but hilariously funny. Peter just follows her around. She had a kid with someone else who- I don’t know the PC way to say this- is a f$%king mess. I don’t know what is worng with it but it is blind and mute and obese and has some gawd-awful disease. So that sucks and we can’t make fun of the retarded kid.

    Jesus I have no life when I actually provide a bio sketch of two British skanks for my peeps on Socialite…

  14. Eve

    Is that baby wearing lipstick? Weird!

  15. Looks like a crack baby, if I’ve ever seen one!

  16. blah

    The baby is using a binky that was recalled due to it being a choking hazard and the crystal have lead in them.

  17. is it 4:20 yet?

    The dingo ate your baby!

  18. Catu

    I believe Rick Astley is the father of this spliffing beautiful ginger head; in fact, he gives his opinion in this interview:

  19. Lauren Houston

    the baby if beautiful so is peter but Katie oh dear more plastic surgery or your face i think especially that nose of yours

    your other 2 sons junior and Harvey are beautiful too by the way

    Lauren x

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