Jordan and Peter Paint the Town Pink

April 19th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Jordan and Peter, my new favorite ridiculous British couple. Seriously, I know I throw the expression “trashtastic” around quite a bit, but what’s not to love about this over-the-top pair, whose yearly fake tanner consumption probably rivals that of most small countries? Here they are at Universal Studios, in all their matchy glory. You just know that underneath all that pink and white, they’re both sporting matching diamond-bedazzled his and hers thongs. In answer to Haddaway’s famous question, “What is love?” I present Jordan and Peter Andre.

However, these two don’t stop at matching outfits. Recently, Jordan requested that her husband wear a fake belly and boobs, so that he could understand what it felt like for her to carry their third child.

Jordan, 28, joked: “I thought it would be funny to put Pete in one for a few hours. He immediately started complaining about backache, his breathing, everything!”

And once again, my attention is drawn back to the pics. I have to say, Peter’s buttons are probably the most underworked, overpaid entities I’ve seen in a while…and I live in Hollywood.

(Mavrix Photo)

By Lisa Timmons

  1. stupid cow

    Looks more like they’re TAINTING the town.

    (so sorry)

  2. @ma

    Look they’re colour co ordinated with the foorpath/sidewalk.

    What a pair of mingers.He’s looking a little less porky these days, although it’s not much of an improvement really.Is he wearing lip gloss?

  3. DarthPaul

    Yes, @ma, Peter wears more makeup than Jordan. They’re total munters. Jordan’s funny because she’s so deluded and married a drag queen…Peter is just the big whack attack.

  4. silvarga

    I’m sick of them and it’s only been 2 weeks. And here their faces are splashed all over this blog in reality TV advertising. It’s disgusting! I’m calling the INS and having them deported.

    I see how it is… We’ll build borders to keep out hard-working Mexicans, but then we’ll let trash like this sashay (yes I AM referring to Peter when I say “sashay”) into the country, probably with barely any shots or worm pills.


  5. Mike

    if you seriously want to retch and hate peter andre even more check out his song mysterious girl. It was his only hit ever way back in the day here in Europe and it is sure to make you hate him (even more..)

  6. mkithrt

    this couple alone is putting a waxer’s child through college.

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