Jordan After The Jump

January 10th, 2006 // 14 Comments

Sorry about the lack of the jump from yesterday. You’ve been warned (NSFW).

She’s such a shy woman. I love the way she’s trying to blend in and not be noticed by the other sunbathers.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Serenity

    Who the hell is Jordan?

  2. Katie

    She looks sad and desperate. I feel like anyone who does crap like this to their body or has to parade around like that has such low self-esteem and seems painfully pathetic. Besides, she looks worn and cheap. Ugh.

  3. fizzix

    The girl with her isn’t bad, tho…

  4. daisy

    I like how she’s being friendly with the other girl. Flirting or saying my boobs are bigger than yours?

  5. tilly

    Jordan is a Sun page 3 girl (british tabloid). I am not sure if she sings but she is kind of famous for being famous and big boobed.

  6. Paris Hilton's Hymen


    I just threw up.

    Someone should harpoon her leathery ass

  7. Ldysunfyre

    Her friend keeps checking her out.

  8. bestdress

    Those things look terrible!

  9. Mariana

    The brunette’s hotter.

  10. parisia

    ew, her boobs are bigger than her head

  11. scubadoobieDOO

    are you guys kidding me? ive busted 5 times just looking at those bad boys

    good lord. please come sit on my cock jordan

  12. Rois

    thats not Jordan i dont think, unless its a really old picture cos she doesnt have blonde hair

  13. lau

    i have to say her fake boobs are better “presented” than other celebs fake boobs around-she must maintain them well, because even tho they look fake-they look good-and im a girl saying that!

    also her friend is really trying to get some of Jordan’s spolight-you can’t mess with an alpha bitch : )

  14. Damn straight.

    She has some huge ones and they are hot as hell. I’m glad she isn’t scared to show them to the world, yummy, let me lick them babies.

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