Katie Price Orders The Chicken Pox Pasta Salad At The Ivy

April 21st, 2008 // 10 Comments

Katie Price is certainly working overtime to maintain her status as OK! Magazine’s Celebrity Mum of the Year, dragging her baby daughter Princess Tiáamii around Beverly Hills, despite the fact that the child was suffering from a bout of chicken pox. OK, I know, maybe some fresh air was good for the kid, but perhaps they could have chosen less paparazzi infested areas to hang out after their recent arrival to Los Angeles.

Her reality TV star parents popped over to The Ivy for lunch and hit up Kitson for some shopping. It’s probably for the best that Katie didn’t coincidentally cross paths with her arch nemesis, Victoria Beckham.

Eventually, the concerned parents hit up a clinic in Encino, and were then instructed to take their daughter to the Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, where Princess was prescribed medication.

Meanwhile, I’m much more concerned how clearly Katie will look if zombified, as you can see in this thumbnail of her below eating. I wonder if zombie boobs still retain their perky shape after reanimation…

Photos: WENN

17 more photos of Katie Price and Peter Andre shopping with their sick daughter are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN

By Lisa Timmons

  1. dina

    Unbelievable. I can’t believe she would be so collosally stupid and inconsiderate. Doesn’t she know if she should happen to bring that child around a pregnant woman and they caught chicken pox their unborn child could be born with birth defects or even die in utero? Selfish disgusting cow. As a mother of a child with serious birth defects, you’d think she’d have more consideration than that.

  2. Zekers

    I agree, she is very inconsiderate to her child and to others in public…not to mention she is picking her nose, and then will touch her child with open pox, an invitation to impetigo. She really is a gross person.
    Why is she “famous?”

  3. miss t

    she is the most inconsiderate person i’ve ever seen! not only is she ugly, but her poor kid is very unattractive too. this “famous” couple needs to stop reproducing. they can’t even take care of the kid properly.

  4. Hmmm

    How stupid can a person be?? She should have that child at home instead of out infecting others. She has no sense at all, what a complete IDIOT!!!

  5. Caturday

    This woman is an inconsiderate mess !!! She should have left her sick baby at home she could infect others and as it has been mentioned before pregnant woman are in danger!!
    She needs to go back home to England or where ever she can from and stay there !!!

  6. talkischeap

    Definitely selfish, but at least she is actually taking care of the kid… Unlike our own B Spears

  7. Jinxy McDeath

    Just further proof she’s a horrible, neglectful parent. OK! Magazine is hardly the an objective source for naming someone the best of anything other than publicity whore. What kind of parent doesn’t get inoculations for a tiny child, and good call about potentially getting a pregnant woman sick by exposing Jordan/ Katie’s hideously ugly baby to the masses. Why are these untalented trolls even in America, and why did customs not quantine them like sick animals? Jesus. She’s made more money than Pam Anderson from her mutant boobs. Unbelievable.

  8. trina

    My kids have had chicken pox and they are sick before the spots come out. They sores last for quite a few weeks after and the kids are fine and no longer contagious then. How do we know just how long that she has had them – it could have been weeks and then it is fine to take your child out then once the scabs are formed it ok. SO lay off them. I think she did nothing wrong.
    There is no way she could have passed it onto a pregnant mother! The sores look like they have crusted over and healed! My daughter had marks for over a month.

  9. steph

    i think everyone thats wrote something bad about katie price/peter andre + their kids should get a life! is anyone perfect + it’s her life it’s up to her how she leads it, i think you’s should keep your pathetic opinions to yourself :) + the person “talkischeap” britney spears was depressed you don’t know what was happening in her life so i think you should think before you type ok! + i agree with what “trina” says.

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