Katie Price Orders The Chicken Pox Pasta Salad At The Ivy

Katie Price is certainly working overtime to maintain her status as OK! Magazine’s Celebrity Mum of the Year, dragging her baby daughter Princess Tiáamii around Beverly Hills, despite the fact that the child was suffering from a bout of chicken pox. OK, I know, maybe some fresh air was good for the kid, but perhaps they could have chosen less paparazzi infested areas to hang out after their recent arrival to Los Angeles.

Her reality TV star parents popped over to The Ivy for lunch and hit up Kitson for some shopping. It’s probably for the best that Katie didn’t coincidentally cross paths with her arch nemesis, Victoria Beckham.

Eventually, the concerned parents hit up a clinic in Encino, and were then instructed to take their daughter to the Children’s Hospital in Hollywood, where Princess was prescribed medication.

Meanwhile, I’m much more concerned how clearly Katie will look if zombified, as you can see in this thumbnail of her below eating. I wonder if zombie boobs still retain their perky shape after reanimation…

Photos: WENN

17 more photos of Katie Price and Peter Andre shopping with their sick daughter are after the jump.

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Photos: WENN