Jordan Brings the Heat

October 25th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Barbie better be careful with all of those heating utensils so close to her precious plastic! Jordan (AKA Katie Price), my favorite cheesy British “glamour model” and reality television star has launched her new line of Jordaon Haircare Electricals! And no, I didn’t just put that exclamation point there because I’m excited, that’s part of the name. This took place at the Superdrug in Kensington. I have never seen a more color-coordinated individual in my life. She matches her product, the armchair, the straight-iron, the blow-dryer and the logo on the back of the wall even! Somewhere off to the side, a very proud Peter Andre is dressed in a pink, velour tuxedo, watching Katie do her thing with a big smile on his face.

Photos: WENN

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By Lisa Timmons

  1. Sharon

    Her boobs look smaller.
    She actually looks kinda pretty.

  2. Zekers

    “Barbie better be careful with all of those heating utensils so close to her precious plastic!”
    Good one Lisa!

    I must say she sure got her figure back quickly after pregnancy…oh yeah, I forgot…plastic-it bends, it stretches, it snaps back into place!

  3. Jackie

    This woman has reached a level of tangerine that I didn’t think was possible in humans. Scary.

  4. stolidog

    I certainly hope my daughter grows up to be just like her.

  5. Lisa

    she’s gross. Oh, and why is she famous? Who is she? I saw that she had a reality show, but why? Her husband’s a big cheese dick too.

  6. jane_smith

    Zekers- She’s admitted to having Lipo and other types of ‘tweaking’ to get her figure to where it is now.

    Embarrased to admit this but…I think they’re kid of cute together. They are both so over the top and silly, but after actually watching their show a few times I no longer wanted to vomit at the sight of their commercials. At least they seem like kind people and are as real as can be about being so platicized…

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