Jonathan Waud For RM Underwear/Swimwear

Finalist for the Bravo reality TV series, Make Me a Supermodel, Jonathan Waud, just keeps landing one gig after another. It’s hard to believe the guy didn’t actually win the whole competition. But then again, we’re kind of a biased on the subject.

Jonathan’s flexing his modeling muscles for Australian underwear and swimwear label Ristefsky Macheda. The line kicked off with the launch of a new website featuring these sexy photos of Mr. Waud. Designer Stephen Ristefsky explains, “We’re very excited to have Jonathan as the new face of RM. His image reflects everything that our brand represents. He is masculine, athletic and has great sex appeal.”

Well, he’s doing a heck of a lot more than just being the “face” of the brand. In fact, there are a couple of body parts exemplifying the sex appeal to which Ristefsky is referring.

Gallery Info: Jonathan Waud models for RM Underwear/Swimwear.