Jonathan Rhys-Meyers Did Not Assault Girlfriend

January 5th, 2006 // 20 Comments

Somehow I missed this one. He is hoping that the facts point to an argument and not an assault. I’d have to hate someone this beautiful.

Actor Jonathan Rhys-Meyers has rubbished newspaper reports he beat up his teenage girlfriend Reena Hammer, claiming no punches were thrown.

The Match Point star, who was arrested with Hammer in January 2005 on suspicion of assaulting each other, insists the incident was simply an argument which got out of hand.

He says, “No we didn’t punch each other. The newspapers said we punched each other.

“We were having a bit of a screaming match and the neighbours called the cops because they didn’t know who was screaming.

“We went down to the station, gave our apologies to the neighbours, and the neighbours said that was grand. And that was it.

“But in the newspapers it was like, ‘Jonathan beat up his girlfriend.’ And I was like, ‘Aaagh, do I really have to deal with that?’”

Rhys Meyers Denies Beating Girlfriend [FemaleFirst]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Carrie

    I think he looks like a sleepy looking gay man with artificially infused lips. I did love Match Point. Scarlet rules!

  2. KittyLiterati

    Why is Jonathan dating a teenager, anyway?
    There are plenty of girls in their twenties (i.e. me) who would love to get into different kinds of screaming matches with him. Hey, there might even be some real punching involved if it was in the cards.

  3. Brianna

    Did you guys google her picture? She is fug! Must be a beard.

  4. ortem

    he is gay folks… gay… gay….

    did I say he was GAY?

    I just wish these closet cases would come out already… don’t you think it would make them more powerful! come on, some out there has to have the heart to just do it

  5. Stevie Wonder Boy

    Smack me, you Sexy Bitch!

  6. lala

    somehow in that picture with those big bulging musles and camera angle that makes him look 6 feet tall, he dosen’t seem so harmless, and like her probably would punch out a girl, or a guy. But he’s so hot he could do no wrong.

  7. nicci

    she probably punched him cos he wouldnt give her any sex. haha

  8. Ricci

    “Did you guys google her picture? She is fug! Must be a beard.”

    I might be an idiot, but I don’t get the comment “must be a beard.” Can someone explain? Thanks!

  9. Blindqueen

    Beard = gay coverup date

  10. Me

    “Rhys Meyers is downright dashing- and so are the threads” (quote from third pic). Ha!

  11. Anon

    OMG he is just stunningly beautiful….and he made an excellent Elvis…

  12. Ashley

    Miu, I’m starting to lose respect towards you. You think some of the gayest looking guys are hot, and then every other guy you dislike is “obviously” gay. I’ve been noticing that lately. I didn’t want to say anything, however, ortem’s post and yours combined have encouraaged me.

  13. Laura Lord Belle

    I disagree with Brianna, she is not ugly ( or fugly ). She is a very pretty Indian girl.

    And no, I do not think he is gay..and I am a huge fag hag!

  14. Steph

    His girlfriend isn’t fug. She’s not gorgeous, but she’s not ugly at all. Meanwhile, this guy does look quite fug outside of the dramatic professional photos. He does look nice in these photos though.

  15. D

    While he is undeniably beautiful, he’s clearly gay.

  16. Canada

    It is interesting how on these blogs, every attractive celebrity is deemed a closet homosexual. Just because a man dresses well and takes care of himself, and takes some pretty pics in a magazine do not make him gay (and the term “metrosexual” is SO ANNOYING and UNNECESSARY: there are just men with style and grooming, and slobby men without style). Sexiness, prettiness, and style are not the stamp of the gay man. That is a stereotype. I know plenty of gay man who look like the back of a city bus in the looks and style department. As for Rhys-Meyers, he is a male ho. He gets around with the women, and cheats on girlfriends. I read an interview with him once where he admitted to cheating on girlfriends, and how he was caught by a live-in girlfriend when she intercepted a text message from some other chick who was gushing to him about how good he had been the night before.

  17. NowKnowsWhatABeardIs

    Thanks for the clarification on the “beard” comment ! I’ve been trying to figure out what a beard was for the past few weeks lol !

  18. What makes him gay is not that he’s pretty.
    It’s that he’s gay. Watch any interview. Watch any anything he’s ever been in, ever. He’s amazingly stupendously maddeningly obsession-warrantingly beautiful, and completely batting for the other team.

  19. nola rice

    i think she is pretty.

  20. JB

    JRM may be somewhat effeminate in his looks and mannerisms(eg. his walk) but I highly doubt he’s gay. He comes across as a slightly promiscuous *heterosexual* male, who just happens to be slightly camp. I’m not saying he isn’t gay or bi or whatever, as he has said in interviews that he appreciates male beauty and ‘couldn’t say for sure whether he’d be married with kids or in a gay relationship in a decade’(or something along those lines); which of us knows whether we’ll be straight, gay, in between or celibate in a decade? It’s highly stereotypical to say someone is gay just because of how they look or act. I also wonder how a post about an alledged assault turned into people questioning his sexuality and insulting his girlfriend’s appearance?

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