Jonathan Rhys Meyers Hits the Streets of L.A.

May 19th, 2007 // 10 Comments

A baguette and Coke have never looked so good. A guess a two week stint in rehab is just what Jonathan Rhys Meyers needed.

More photos of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and his groceries after the jump.

By Jessica Marx

  1. echoroc

    ew. dudes in v-necks gross me out.

  2. becky

    The way the baguette is coming out of that bag makes me a little bit uncomfortable. The shirt doesn’t help much.

  3. marmelade

    true enough with the v-neck. but still… this guy can wear anything he damwell pleases. i’ll be just as pleased.

  4. Linda B

    Does that tshirt mean he is officially OUT? Nice cleavage….

  5. Colbert

    Wow, Jonathan has to be wearing the gayest outfit that I have ever seen! Hello Man Cleavage!

  6. Megan

    Wow he’s pretty

  7. ELH

    The guy is gorgeous. He scares the hell out of me though with his “serial killer eyes”.

    I imagine that just after we’d finish making out he’d slit my throat or something.

  8. AT

    Isn’t that the same shirt britney spears always wears?!?

  9. fuschia

    Yummy. I love that man. I hate the shirt too, but my god…look at his body in it!


  10. Irishguy

    possibily the most untalented, selfobsessed, little sissyboy to ever hail from this country. As a country we find him embarrassing.

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