Jonathan Rhys Meyers Goes To Rehab For 4th Time After Racist Rant

So the most recent drunken display at an airport earlier this month where Jonathan Rhys Meyers was banned from United Airlines? Yeah, turns out he wasn’t just getting disorderly, he was getting racist. When an airline worker prevented him from boarding his flight to LA he started flinging around the ‘N’ word with his vodka breath. The thought of doing creative naked things with this man just went out the window, flew down ten stories, and died on the pavement in a bloody mess.

You know what happens when an alcoholic starts spewing derogatory statements. That’s right, rehab. In his case it’ the fourth time. Meyers, who was shopping at Fred Segal in West Hollywood this time last year (May 28, 2009), first checked into rehab in May of 2005, then in 2007 before his Dublin airport arrest and in June 2009 after the Charles de Gaulle airport incident.

“He just really wants to get better,” says a source close to the actor. “This has been an ongoing battle for him.”