Jonathan Bennett Show Off His Sexy, Muscular, Shirtless Bod

And me likey! Jonathan Bennett, whom we haven’t heard from in a while after his stint in Mean Girls, is back. And he is looking good. Really good. Shirtless male celeb good.

Jonathan is working on that buff build of his before he starts filming his latest movie Slightly Single in LA, which co-stars Rumer Willis and Haylie Duff. The movie sounds like it will be mildly entertaining, and if the IMDb facts are correct, Jonathan is playing Rumer’s flamboyant housemate. This could be highly entertaining.

Really though, as long as Jonathan takes his shirt off, everything will be more interesting. Look at him on the rings! Look! Like seriously that is skill. OK, I need to wipe this drool off my face and get back to work. Who am I kidding, I’m gonna be staring for a while. Don’t judge me, you know you’re going to be staring too!

Welcome back to mainstream Hollywood Jonathan! It’s good to have you, and your shirtless male physique back.

Gallery Info: A shirtless Jonathan Bennett working out.