Jonathan Antin – Bitchy Queen

July 17th, 2005 // 49 Comments

Our intern Erin, tackles the Blow Out QVC episode.

Oh Jonathan…how do I love thee? I can’t resist your diva behavior, and pretty boy looks. Jonathan finlly debuts his product on QVC this week. After all of the anticipation, and bitching on Jonathan’s part, he is relieved and excited to be getting his product on the map. As he heads to QVC bootcamp, he is reminded that the product is king, not him, and is promptly instructed to remove his ever so pathetic “I’m too cool so I wear sunglasses inside” shades. They quickly sell out of the product and Jonathan is once again bitching like the queen that he is, about not having enough to sell. Trouble just stacks up so quick for Queen Jon, between his fights with Sescie and his hot water being gone. Jonathan….I think you need to ask yourself one question…Are you really that fabulous?????

(Image via Bravo)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. dana b.

    jonathan is such a bitch! if i had a client like him– bitching and moaning about regulations… when he had the oppotunity to sell millions of product… i’d let him go. it’s just not worth the nightmare. he’s just a schmuck. and that face he pulls when he does his hair! that voice! nightmare!!!! i feel bad for his (beard) girlfriend too. hope she’s getting paid well.

    i love how he called it the “jonathan product factory.” whatever. he uses a fill house like the rest of the cosmetic industry! it’s certainly not his own factory…

  2. I think that Blow Out really has a small percentage to do with hair and of the Jonathan salon. The whole idea was to tape Jonathan’s bitching and crying and catch all the gossip in the salon. I remember from watching the first season. That’s all he did and he still does it. That is why I love to watch the show.

  3. I do have to say his styling mud is very, very good. It was sold out at Sephora, but I enjoyed playing with the tester.

    But yeah. He’s a whiny bitch.

  4. Jeanette

    Has anyone seen “The Soup?” I love their comments on him and the show…lol

  5. Liz

    Jonathan is overbearing. everytime he asks to speak to one of the employees they ask like little children if they are in trouble. I had a boss like that. She enjoyed making the employees feel threatened. I got to the point where I just didn’t feel afraid of losing my job and she fired me. Oh yea, these ego maniacs can smell the fear. It’s their power trip.

    BTW, Losing that crappy, low paying gig was the best thing that ever happened to me. :D

  6. Mariana

    No, he’s not that fabulous. Neither is his butterface Pussycat Doll sister.

  7. moxie crimefighter

    Jonathan is an egomaniacal crybaby TWAT. That said, Mud’s a great product.

  8. Simon

    Not trying to cut him slack but, he really does have too much going on. He should have an assistant for each venture he is invloded in. Both Salons, the products, then his personal life. So he needs four assistants cause he’s just got too much going on. Then maybe he would stop being a cry baby. Take a vaction Johnathan! Have someone holding down the fort so you can chill out.

  9. gillian

    can’t stand this guy. good call on the butterfaced sister. is everyone in LA so fake and gay seeming? seriously, how is he not a flaming homosexual? come out of the closet. the episode where he is bitching with QVC about them not wanting him to say “dude” and “chick”– he just thinks he is such a badass for not backing down to qvc. yeah jonathan, you’re a real rebel- you tell ‘em!! asshole.

  10. Sandie

    I like the show! If Jonathan wasn’t the way he is, i wouldn’t watch the show at all.
    A lot of drama, who doesn’t love that!

  11. Gabe

    Oh grow up all of you. Talk about bitchy queens??!! So the next time you guys open a couple of successful salons, debut a product industry people estimate to make profits of over 6 million the first year alone and get a TV show let us all know. Oh and when you all figure out how to use REAL grammer, spelling and punctuation let us know also.

  12. cupid

    I think he is an inspiration to everyone that has a dream and goes for it (and he is a hottie) and his sister is very successful to (seems like people are scared)of people that have success in their live (you go Jonathan) I think the show is great and the products are wonderful and he’s a very sensitive man (it does take a real man to be able to let you see him when he’s in a moment)

    Yeah for Jonathan for making his dreams come true

  13. Rob

    Wow, you people really need to find better things to do with your time than discuss this show. Jesus christ people, the guy is a douchebag.

  14. Lynn

    Jonathan is a whining latent homosexual. His product is overpriced. The show is too scripted! Where is his brother, Steve Antin (The Goonies)? Never a word about him. I guess Steve sees what an ass his brother is!

  15. Annie

    This guy needs a whole team of psychiatrists and a serious SSRI drug regiment! Jonathan is such a looser! What a waste of human life! That act he’s got going is down right pathetic. Most little girls aren’t as whiney ass as this guy. And what is with the lingo? The guy sounds like he’s stuck in the 70′s. It’s down right laughable. His products aren’t “all that” any more than he is and are certainly over priced. It’s obvious this arrogant ass hasn’t got a clue about how business works. He’s such a hypocrite, it’s a wonder he can sleep at night. Reality, “Ha!” give me a break. The only reality here is that he got his “big break” at the expense of the guy he apprenticed under. He’s not that great a hair dresser. Anyone who would spend five hundred dollars for one of his hair cut has way too much money and no life. His hair cuts all look the same and are really nothing to rave about. And where is all the celebrity clientele he keeps going on about? I watched the show hoping this horse’s ass would get slam-dunked at some point. It’s obvious the big blow-hard always come out on top like scum. I’m through watching the show. Hey, Jonathan…You need a good ass-kicking, “Bro!” No one with any self respect would put up with your crap. And you can’t hold a candle to any of the great hair stylists. Jonathan Antin is all about his ego and capitalizing on the ignorance of others. Maybe he should hire a body guard with all that money he’s ripping off. A guy like that must have a wealth of enemies.

  16. EB

    is he REALLY short? or does it just appear that way?

  17. sandi moreno

    Ijust love Jonathan’s new show. Its terrific. I think Jonathan is a self assured man. Love the name. My son’s name is Jonathan and he is every bit as cocky as Jonathan Antin. He will definitely go places. Right now he is applying to Med school. So you see its all in the name

  18. regine

    he is ambitious person and i just wonder how come, that he doesn’t use other people for his show. we know now that he is good, but what about the heavier female? wouldn’t that bea good for his show? right now he caters solely to the rich and beautiful. i believe that his products would sell even way more, if he starts to use average joe blow. and his ratings would boom. he is very strong and i appreciate this, cause thats the only way to get where and what you want. i am the same way but…..i see the whole picture.

  19. hello, this is the princess and if you don’t know you better ask sombody. i can’t stand people who hate. this is what is wrong with people these days they can never b happy for anyone when they suceed all ya’ll dumbys so is try to put people down. look, why you are sitting watchin his tv show he is getting paid, he is not studyin neir one of you. the man has wrked hard for everything that he has and i admire that. he is a true hustler. and he is workin for his. so stop haten. hell iw ould break down to if i had all the shit that was goin on in my life so stop haten ya’ll and give the man his props. jonathan i love you so much keep your head up and 4-get those haters. the onlything i have a problem wit is that you do not have a lot of blk people on your show. if you do that you will see the show blow up, because once you go blk you never go back.

  20. Danielle

    I watched the show for the first time last night. It was like 2 hours long. I think it is great. Yeah hes cocky and a bit demanding sometimes but the guys got a dream and hes going for it. You dont make 6 mil your first year by being a little mouse. Two things I DO NOT like: his assistants…. I mean yeah they helped get him this far but I think he needs a hipper team. They are 2 old bags and the blond could use one of his cuts. They tell him his product is selling out not running out.? I went on Sephora today for the dirt and its temporarily out of stock. He should worry about those duchebags! And the other is why isnt his girlfriend ever with him for his debuts and stuff? Shes quick to bitch! I dont know man, I have gotten so many cuts and Ill tell you I would pay for one of his if I had it. I live in Florida and we have like one hair school by us, which I am thinking of applying to, but its not that great. Im going to find a way to go to jonathans school. I cant wait for the reunion. Almost all the negative remarks on here seem to be coming from Jealouse gay guys. Dont hate the player…hate the game. I WANT ONE OF JONATHANS BLOWS!

  21. Eduardo

    Jonathan is the fucking man. He is in a position that many of you losers can only dream of. Being around fine ladies, dressing in great clothes, and having the hair industry at your mercy is just plain BADDASS. This guy is my fuckin idol!!

  22. Larry

    LMAO at 11. GABE making fun of peoples spelling and grammAr and then spelling grammAr wrong. what an idiot. as far as jonathan goes, he is what he is and we are watching arent we…and yes, the product is pretty damn good, but does he use anything other than dirt. he has all the other products but always talks about dirt.

  23. Candace

    The Emperor’s new Clothes is more like it.If people can’t see through this guy…welllll…This guy is an abusive ass, he uses people who have no self respect, to make him feel good about himself. Sad part is he KNOWS he is a loser and fears other people are going to see him for what he truly is. NO ONE has the right to treat people the way he thinks he entitled to treat people. AND those 2 losers Tina and Beth Ann, they cater to his ego so they can be on TV. So he has a product out…APPARENTLY his product isn’t what’s bangin’…it was all in the water!! AS IF he has discovered the secret formula for eternal life, he orders his monkeys to “Make it happen” cuz “He has to make it happen”. SO MAKE it happen Jonny Boy…don’t order others around to make it happen for you!! He needs to apologize to a LOT of people. Stop manipulating people to do what he wants done…then claiming he gave them an “incredible opportunity”. Admit it Jonny Boy the people who prostitute their true talents, your assistants’ are the ONLY true talent involved in your egomanical empire!

  24. bigmarcus

    I cannot tell you how I hate him.I love the whole idea about the water filtration system.IDIOT they have been around for years!! What about the salon meeting the employees wanted in the first season!What salon dosn’t have salon meetings,and he responds with threats of getting rid of them. God I hate him.

  25. libbylou

    He’s going to be a dad??? scarry. I bet this child will hate him as well as Scesssie….What a prick.

  26. blowitouturasss

    Jonathan…what an arrogant prick!! Is it me or has anyone noticed the REAL surprise in th Jonathan show????? Look carefully at mamby pamby , arrogant , egoman’s hair!!! Note that the hair is FAKE!!! Either that or it is a transplant . It is so fucking obvious. No one has the side hairline like his—that of a bald man–and a crest of hair like his.. Is it Hairclub, Jonathan??? Maybe your dumbass idea to market a filtration system will help pay for that—-NOT. Maybe your ridiculous, phony attempts to appear to be a self proclaimed genius and hard charging entrepreneur will be exposed as time goes by. You are a flash in the pan, pal!!! Enjoy the 15 minutes…you have 2 minutes left,,,see you at Supercuts bragging about being back in the day.

  27. bigmarcus

    BTW did anyone notice the fairy that works at the west hollywood salon that was acting like he was hitting on the woman? He is so gay,he said he was a stripper.This man has never his on a women in his life,then blow drying his face “because she was so hot”.I laughed my ass off.

  28. T. F.

    This show is a hit for BRAVO. No doubt about it. Jonathan has it all. Personality, looks, and guts. It is the basic reason the show is such a hit. I give Jonathan a lot of credit for laying who, and what, he is on the line for all to see. It’s special. He’s special. I love the show.

  29. lorentx

    you guys are hilarious i wish jonathan’s show was as funny as your comments i’d watch it everyday.

  30. Shelly Werner

    Jonathan, I have been a stylist for 14 years and I know alittle about the product game. We carry Matrix and Redken and I am just sooo surprised that you would Pirate your product to the general public. I love the show and I think you are a very smart man, so why are you diverting your product line from your salon? My salon has made the top 200 salons in the nation for 3 years, and we have the population of 6,000. If your stylists sell retail at the time of service, istn’t that making you more money? Besides the fact that if you make your product line exclusive at your salons, doesn’t that bring you more business? I think you do BEAUTIFUL HAIR and so do your stylists, so why wait for your product line to show up at WAL-MART or TARGET?

  31. buzzedandbearded

    I drive by the West Hollywood salon occasionally…saw him the other day in a red porsche (dunno where the mercedes went, was probably a product placement like everything else in that show), and yes…he is practically a midget.

  32. Art

    I am a 27 male who has worked in fashion, film & tv for most of my adult life. I have seen guys like Jonathan. Yes he is ambitious and determined and motivated. But what does that all mean? He can toil the earth for maybe another 50 years. He can dilude himself in believing his accomplishments give him merit and leverage over others. It is all an illusion. I watched his show from the begining. I have even been in his salon (I did not get a haircut, trust me). There is an adage in showbusiness that goes “Be careful what you say on your way up, because you never know who you will meet on your way back down”. Jonathan is completely diluded and arrogant. That is a huge downfall. Trust me people, it is not worth it for what he has coming. Weather he ends up lost within the circle of fire is irrelavent. Please learn something, DO NOT DO WHAT HE DOES! It made him a lot of money, but he will never have what he needs. He will live his intire life longing for completion. Only never to find it. It is ok to have goals and dreams. But it is far more important to be a good person. Those who do not agree, I am sorry that you don’t. If you think the way this MAN acts is acceptable, then I do not know what to say. It is about pride and self-respect. Not about using his “charm in a bottle” or whinning when he sees fit. I do respect what he has accomplished, but it means nothing to me. He will be lost in a perilous sea of horrors, trust me. The most successful in this ego driven business are usually the ones who were willing to do anything. This is the problem. This industry is the cause of many problems. Do not buy into this please. And no i am not jealous at all of him. I am far smarter and better looking than he could ever imagine being. I always made a decent living because I never wanted to be associated with many of these people that may have brought me more success. This is called personal choice. The show is entertaining. But on Jonathan’s behalf. I am laughing at him, not with him. His products are okay. After Party by Bed Head is a far better product then Dirt. Jonathan is a poor example of a real man. He could be just as successfull not acting like a spoiled child. Would you want your husbands to act like that? Do women not want men?

  33. JenzJemz

    DUDE! Jonathan is stooopid hott. I’d fuck him.

  34. JenzJemz

    Bro’s!!! Jonathan is not GAY! He’s just very emotional and dramatic. At least he can be in touch with his feelings…something only real men can handle. He is so Stoooopid HOTT and I’d hook up with him in a heartbeat!Bangin’!

  35. skycandy

    I dunno . . . sumthin ’bout Jonathan, obviously he’s hot and that bad boy thing combined with the ‘metrosexual whatever it is’ . . .the ultimate combo. I give props to the guy. . . he found a way to make a few bucks doing something he loves, as well as something most guys don’t do and it worked for him. To each his own. If you can find a way to have a nice lifestyle, recognition, your own show, great dinners out, a nice living situation, cars ya like 2 drive, and the ‘respect’ of all those sheep, more power to ya. Jonathan has it figured out (for now anyway). I do have to say I’ve met him briefly, I’m a flt. attendant and had him on a flight and he was very nice and extremely down to earth. None of the attitude like on the show, oh and sooo soooo hot!!! Yummy.

  36. blueburmese

    Jonathan is so queer. Who is he kidding? I would be so embarrassed to be seen whining and crying those boo-hoo tears on national fucking TV every week when I was bringing in wads of cash like that dickhead is for those cheesy hair products that we will probably see at Dollar Tree soon. Give me your life Jonathan, you big pansy ass sissy bitch. Karen Buckner in Beaumont, Texas

  37. yalie

    sounds like the majority of these posts are from a lot of jealous people who “think” these “reality” programs ARE reality. c’mon, there’s not too much reality in any of them. i think jonathan made himself who his is through hard work and perseverence. good luck to him & his new family!

    keep kickin’ ass jonathan!!

  38. roots

    Jonathan is doin his thing, stop hatin! end of story.

  39. whatever

    I can’t put in words how much I can’t stand this guy,but has anyone noticed he is a one trick pony.All he does is the SAME haircut,long layered!When someone needs a set,same one he practiced in season 1.Truth is,he is sooo untalented.

  40. leah

    he’s so confident that i catch myself looking at his pictures and saying “Wow, he’s got great hair” and i wish he could do mine. :)

  41. badboy

    Jonathan stop crying!Anyway did anyone see him pile on the ketchup on his breakfast?Anyone who drinks ketchup is okay in my book.

  42. violet

    i can not believe ppl pay $500 for the same damned haircut that he gives to everyone. he hasn’t done one haircut that is at all interesting or cool. my stylist is ten thousand times more talented than he is.

    jonathan is the biggest, whiniest, most self-absorbed, hypocritical, pretentious, arrogant ass of a reality show star i have seen–which his why i am addicted to this show. i almost love that mark guy (the graphic designer he got into that huge fight with last season) because he’s the only one on the show who doesn’t kiss jonathan’s ass. i can not believe ppl let jonathan treat them the way he does! if i were his fiancee, i would be so mortified that someone i was marrying would behave that way on national TV–but then again, i would never even be with someone who would behave that way.

  43. HollywooDog

    Jonathon is such a complete tool, I can’t believe it! He is the most arrogant Ass-monkey I have ever seen, and questions about his sexual preference?? Please…. That guy is as queer as a cheerleader in a West Hollywood parade. His personal ad would read: “Eager bottom seeks steaming cup of man-chowder”. This guy is so in love with himself, that I just have to watch and see what nonsense this idiot is going to do next. Does his head seem abnormally large for his body?

  44. violet

    tonight’s episode was genius: scott, who doesn’t seem to know how to design his way out of a “box” presenting jonathan, who has absolutely no vision whatsoever, with a bowl of rocks for his water filter packaging. it was like all hecould do was fixate on the rocks! it was like he could not see the bigger picture! and scott, the idiot designer, giving him ONLY rocks and nothing else?? what kind of a designer does that?? no comps, no actualpackaging visuals?? of course idiot jonathan isn’t going to get it–he’s an idiot!!

  45. martyy

    anybody know what kind of Sunglasses hes been wearing in the last few episodes are ?? Never seen em and I want em …

  46. Ryan

    Check out his Wikipedia entry! Half the time I can’t tell if it’s him writing it himself or someone that hates his guts!

  47. Meredith


  48. avi sinclair

    Jonathan is a twat but a very rich one at that!!!

  49. troy

    hey man keep doing your stuff!! Dont pay any attention to these jealous people, yeah you keep your job asking if I want to super size my meal,and let jonathon do his thing.So go park your geo metro somewhere else and shut the fuck up!!!!! Later!

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