Jonathan Antin – Bitchy Queen

Our intern Erin, tackles the Blow Out QVC episode.

Oh Jonathan…how do I love thee? I can’t resist your diva behavior, and pretty boy looks. Jonathan finlly debuts his product on QVC this week. After all of the anticipation, and bitching on Jonathan’s part, he is relieved and excited to be getting his product on the map. As he heads to QVC bootcamp, he is reminded that the product is king, not him, and is promptly instructed to remove his ever so pathetic “I’m too cool so I wear sunglasses inside” shades. They quickly sell out of the product and Jonathan is once again bitching like the queen that he is, about not having enough to sell. Trouble just stacks up so quick for Queen Jon, between his fights with Sescie and his hot water being gone. Jonathan….I think you need to ask yourself one question…Are you really that fabulous?????

(Image via Bravo)

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