Jonathan Taylor Thomas Returns To Hollywood With ‘Last Man Standing’ [Flashback]

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Last night girls (and some boys) of the 90’s rejoiced when Jonathan Taylor Thomas made his long-awaited return to television on the season finale of Last Man Standing.

It has been 8-years since the former 90’s heartthrob has been credited with any television or film work, and almost 15-years since he walked away from the hugely popular sitcom starring Tim AllenHome Improvement.

Thomas walked away from the show at the start of the eighth season to focus on his education and, in a recent interview with People, Thomas admits to having no regrets about his decision to take a step back from Hollywood at the height of his career in the 90’s.

“I’d been going nonstop since I was 8 years old. I wanted to go to school, to travel and have a bit of a break.”

In 2011, Thomas quelled rumors about a return to acting when he told Entertainment Weekly, “I’d eventually like to work behind the camera.” Does his appearance on Last Man Standing mean he is thinking about a return to acting full-time?

According to Tim Allen, Thomas is still committed to developing his skills behind the camera. In an interview with Yahoo! TV, Allen shares all the details of the emotional reunion and getting Thomas back on camera.

Although Thomas has been spending a lot of time visiting the set of Last Man Standing and shadowing the series director, John Pasquin, he wasn’t looking for a spot in front of the camera. In fact, Allen admits that he was surprised when Thomas agreed to the role of Jon Baker, “He didn’t want to do this because he’s had other stuff in mind. But they asked him, and he agreed to it. I was shocked.”

As to whether or not we can expect to see Thomas in season three of the series? Allen is not sure what Thomas will decide, but he would love to see Thomas return. “He likes directing, he loves this business, but he’s not sure that this is what he wants to do. We certainly would like him to come back [on camera]… He’s fighting it, but everybody loved him.”

And we certainly share that sentiment of love!

While we are still left unsure when we will see Thomas next, launch the gallery and surrender to nostalgia with a look back at some of our favorite JTT projects thus far.