Jonathan Lipnicki Gets Great Advice From Tom Cruise [PHOTOS]

Jonathan Lipnicki looked like a gentleman at The Friars Club and Friars Foundation Honor of Tom Cruise last night in New York City.  Cruise’s former Jerry Maguuire co-star talked to Vulture about his relationship with the Rock of Ages star, and career advice that the Hollywood veteran passed on to Lipnicki.

“I met up with him a few months ago and got his advice for my transition as an actor,” Lipnicki said.  “We sat out on the patio to his house and talked about acting. He puts a lot of emphasis on being polite and manners and being on time. He said to always keep yourself busy, because then you’ll always be motivated to be creative. The more you produce, the more you create, the happier you’re going to be anyway.”

Looking back on Maguire, Lipnicki recalled shooting with Cruise.   “Top Gun was my favorite movie at the time. I would always say on set, ‘I have the need for speed!’ And I told [Tom] how much I loved it. So I have a poster of Mission: Impossible that he signed, ‘You can be my wingman anytime.’ And it’s one of those things that, whenever I feel down, it makes me believe in myself.”