Jonathan Groff Has The Right To Bear Arms, Covers Out Magazine With The Cast Of ‘Looking’

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Up until now, I didn’t see the allure of Jonathan Groff. Images of him posing for Out Magazine (namely the one shown above) have definitely changed my opinion of him! If he never puts on a shirt that covers those biceps again, I will be a happy, happy girl! Some people shouldn’t ever be permitted to wear much clothing.

Fellow cast mates of the new HBO television mini-series Looking, joined him in posing for the magazine and I think my excitement for this show has risen exponentially.

Unsure of whether or not you’re interested in tuning in? Keep reading below and see if their interview can change your mind!

Immediately after learning about this show, I had flashbacks of Queer as Folk. It’s not just me who was able to reminisce. Both Groff and director, Andrew Haigh were able to do so as well.

If you haven’t watched QAF, as fans call it, then you should know that it should begins with a sexual courting between the main characters Brian and Justin. According to Groff, there is one in this show as well. He says, “the very first scene of the pilot is me going out to the woods to get a hand job.”

Shooting in San Francisco was a blast for the cast and crew, especially Jonathan Groff. He says it’s like “a gay Oz”. I can’t imagine anyone would be tapping their heels together to get home and escape with that description! We can all leave our ruby red slippers at home! He goes on to say, “the street where I was staying smelled like jasmine. I rode my bike every day to set. I was in heaven.”

That does sound lovely and so relaxing! Add in a bit of lavender and I’ll be getting a one way ticket there!

What is Looking about exactly? The following summarization does a good job at giving us some insight into the show:

Looking follows three gay friends living in the Mission-Castro district as they navigate relationships, careers, and friendships. Patrick, 29, played by Groff, is an affable video game designer with sexual hang-ups. His slightly older roommate, Augustin, played by Frankie J. Alvarez, is an artist’s assistant who hasn’t made work in years. Australian actor Murray Bartlett plays Dom, their mutual friend, a well-built waiter edging on 40 who has dreams of opening his own restaurant.

Much like the aforementioned show, Queer as Folk, it gives an unfiltered look into the lives of these characters. Just like any other show, I’m sure there will be a plethora of conflicts with what we can hope to be a happy ending for each of the characters!

Will you be tuning it? Looking premieres January 19 at 10:30pm on HBO.

What are your thoughts on this spread and the upcoming show? Let us know in the comments below!

By Erin Cosgrove

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