Jonas Brothers Suck At Softball

July 20th, 2009 // 2 Comments

I don’t dare ever say anything bad about the Jonas Brothers, but those guys need to practice their softball skills. After updating their Twitter with the information to the softball game, more that 800 JoBro fans hit up Campanelli Stadium to watch the boys play.

Nick, Joe, and Kevin Jonas played a friendly game, as the Road Dogs, against employees of private jet company Marquis. Team Jonas ended up losing, with a final score of 12-5. Poor boys. I guess there are just some things they can’t do.

The most irritating part of the day had to be Kevin and his fiancée, Danielle Deleasa, who decided to show off their cuteness by sharing a loving kiss. She was even wearing a shirt that said “Mrs. K Jonas II” on it. She irritates me. Again, this is all probably steaming from my unhealthy obsession with the Jonas Brother. Ahh, cruel, cruel world.

Gallery Info: The Jonas Brothers play some ball while Kevin and Danielle kiss it up.

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. Kasidy

    i personally think him and danielle are adorable together! i love them! i have an unhealthy obsession with them too but i ABSOLTELY LOVE THEM TOGETHER! but i do hate nick and miley together and most people would disagree with me but i thought him and selena were way better together! they made me happy but everytime i see a pic of him and mily together im like eh!

  2. Jayla

    I hate kevin and danielle toegther 2!! she just doesnt seem right 2 me!! IDK maybe its juts my obsession but i juts dont like her!! i liked him better when he was just dating her!! UGH!! I hate nick and miley 2!!! Dont worrry ur not the only one!!

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