Jonas Brothers Invade Mexico During Fan Snub Controversy [PHOTOS]

Nick Jonas Give Peace
Nick Jonas spotted out and about in NYC!
It is hard being a Jonas Brother right now. Kevin, Joe and Nick Jonas attended a photocall in Mexico City, Mexico yesterday (January 23, 2013) to promote Kevin’s reality show, Married to Jonas.

The trio are also promoting their upcoming tour which will include several Latin America countries including Mexico, Brazil, Chile, and Guatemala.

In the mean time, the brothers, specifically Joe, are dealing with a fan issue.

College student Andy Hertfeld was out with a group of friends in New York City over the weekend when he spotted Joe, hanging outside of a restaurant smoking with his current flame Blanda Eggenschwiler.

The group of friends decided to approach Joe. Andy told RadarOnline… 

“As we were walking closer we saw that he was smoking a cigarette with Blanda, and the minute he saw us walking closer he threw it down. After we approached him, he shook his head no.”

“It was late, which we understood, but my friend asked for a picture anyway. That’s when Joe flipped out on us he said, ‘We do so much for you. We do everything and you want a picture? Get out of here.’”

One of the women in Joe’s group of friends started to mock Hertfeld’s crying friend! “She was going on and on about my friend saying, ‘Is he going to cry now?’ and Joe just laughed right in our faces.”

And not only that, Nick Jonas refused to acknowledge Hertfeld and his friends, insisting on heading straight to his SUV after walking out of the restaurant. “He didn’t even stop or look in our direction,” said the college student.

Oh dear. Not one hold his tongue, the Jonas Brothers father took to Twitter this morning about the alleged Joe snub, calling it nothing more than a silly rumor.

He tweeted: “Most rumors are silly. Tens of thousands greeted at shows, stopping for fans after every function, 7 years of taking pictures…silly”

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