Jonah Hill & Matthew Morrison Take Feud To The Next Level [VIDEO]

Oh! Shit just got real! If any of you caught Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week, chances are you saw Moneyball star Jonah Hill start a feud with Glee star Matthew Morrison. According to Jonah, he and Matthew were at the same party and Jonah heard himself being used as a punchline in a joke. Then he so aptly said, “Yo, Matthew Morrison, you better bring s–t next time I see you, dude.”

You best believe that Matthew brought it! Last night on Fallon, Matthew challenged Jonah to “settle it like men” in Jimmy’s presence. And as Matt told Jonah in the video, “I can sing my way out of it and I can dance my way out of it.” Check out the video of the call and response after the jump. It’s hysterical.

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I am so down for this feud! Jonah is looking pretty good and in shape these days–check out the photo gallery for proof–although I think Matthew might have the upper hand in this battle. Have you seen how magically his hair stays in place? It would be a battle of lean vs. hair!

Jonah does have Brad Pitt goofing off on his side, but then Matt has all those Glee guys. Watch the video after the jump then tell us who you think would win between the two? Actually, do we even know how they’re going to settle it? Oh yeah, like men. Whatever that means.