Jon Voight Shouldn’t Hold His Breath for a Card this June 17th

April 16th, 2007 // 29 Comments


Angelina Jolie’s late mother, Marcheline Bertrand, indicated in her will that Jon Voight had failed to pay her $180,000 in child support for his children with her, according to TMZ. Clearly, the multimillionaire actress has no need for that moolah at the moment, but it does hint at why Angelina’s relationship with her father is so incredibly strained.

Bertrand’s will, which was filed in court on April 13, lists Haven and Jolie as co-executors and instructs them to split the estate.

Well, at least Angie managed to get his lips from her dad, and those things have proven to be worth millions of dollars, yo.

By Lisa Timmons


    Got her lips from her Dad??…. his lips couldnt be more pencil thin!! Almost nonexistent.

  2. margaretta

    Seriously, what is that rash on his cheeks?

  3. He’s deserves a Fathers Day card a hell of a lot more than she deserves to be a mother.

    Her and her lover/brother are worthless pieces of shit that daddy Voight should have drowned in the bathtub.

  4. Mr. T

    First, we don’t know what poison the mother still had for Jon. 2nd, Jon does not need the money. 3rd, only the mother and father really know what happened.

  5. circuslion

    1. His younger pictures (Midnight Cowboy, etc) shows his lips were much fuller, although not quite the grilled-to-bursting hot dog lips that his daughter has.
    2. That rash on his cheeks is probably Rosacea. And yes, they make medication for that.
    3. If Angelina is still carrying a grudge over money (or his clumsy past comments to the media) then I guess she is not quite the enlightened, magical supreme being that some of us imagine her to be. I’m just sayin.

  6. Sarah

    Yeah..she did get her lips from her Dad. Look at Midnight Cowboy…they were pretty full back then.
    Also, it is a bone to pick when your father wants all the glory but doesn’t want to pay up. My father owes me & my mother like $50,000 in back child support.
    So, while I do think AJ has some serious issues in life, I can understand not wanting to be around your father.

  7. hanna

    Mama should have taken his butt to court. Why didn’t she? I think she was an emotionally abused woman who was still in love with her abuser and wishing he would one day come back.

  8. MNolan

    Why didn’t she take him to court? Probably because she didn’t want to expose her children to him any more. Take him to court–he wants more access to the kids.

  9. iRikk

    #3 – Jessica said:

    He’s deserves a Fathers Day card a hell of a lot more than she deserves to be a mother.

    Her and her lover/brother are worthless pieces of shit that daddy Voight should have drowned in the bathtub.

    Sheesh! Don’t have any idea what you have against Ms Jolie, but assuming you’re qualified to judge her since you too have adopted multiple children and served as the Goodwill Ambassador to the United Nations and of course won an Oscar… then I guess you’re free to rant. Despite recent happening, we are still a free country!

  10. jannre

    I read somewhere that is was Spousal support, and either way, why didn’t she take him to court and get her money, also I don’t think she was that great of a mother, she let Angelina have a live-in boyfriend when she was 14 yrs old..And vagalina was mad at her father because he went on TV and said she had mental problems, which was not a lie..

  11. Sarah

    Because getting a lawyer & going to court takes $$$MONEY$$$. The laws back in the 70′s & 80′s aren’t what they are today. Today, if a father is even a week late with his child support, he’s arrested as a deadbeat dad! So again, I’m not defending AJ, but it’s another reason, along with JV’s big mouth, not to speak to him.

  12. Annie

    Jolie didn’t break off with her dad when he made that statement on TV. She broke off almost a year earlier after they had reconciled when she gave him that role in Tomb Raider and he started in with his emotional abuse again. She decided she didn’t have to put up with that anymore. That’s healthy to me. That was back in the fall of 2001. Plus in March 2002 Voight announced on TV Maddox’s adoption before she got physical custody and she was terrified that it threatened it going through becuase of all the problems with Cambodian adoptions at the time. She issued a releae saying she had not spoken to her dad in months and he didn’t speak for her. Voight didn’t make that statement about her “mental health” until around August 2002. Way after she cut him off.

    I also tend to believe he was abusive of the mother and she was scared of him. Fathers like that need to understand their children may be stronger than the moms and just tell them to get lost.

  13. selwyse

    jannre, calling anyone something as foul as “Vagelina” is so enlightened and witty. Shows how incredibly unbiased you are.

    Why don’t you spend your time bettering yourself or the life of someone else? Oh, I guess your time is better spent being bitter . ..

  14. UglyTraniston

    I stopped wondering a long time ago why Jennifer Aniston inspires the kind of allegiance, loyalty and overwhelming love that makes some of these angry embittered b*tches like ‘Jessica’ spew the most hateful and vile things at Angelina, a woman who is only guilty of coming ‘next’ in Brad Pitt’s life and who does amazing things for the world — the answer suddenly became obvious….

    It’s really not about Jennifer Aniston. It’s about them.

    Many more women relate to Jennifer Aniston because she’s homely, middle aged, and other than acting in an ensemble sit-com for a decade, hasn’t really achieved much…They are on her team, even it is THE LOSER’S TEAM.

    Consequently, it doesn’t matter what if anything they know about Aniston. She is just a symbol of all that is homely, not too bright, ignored, unworthy, and REJECTED.

    That is THEM.

    Angelina, on the other hand is what THREATENS THEM. Instead of doing the SMART thing and admiring Angelina, taking a page out of her book and empowering themselves while helping those less fortunate, they do what comes naturally to MANY women. They HATE on those women that they are JEALOUS & ENVIOUS of.

    They hate her because Angelina is someone that they cannot relate to. She’s beautiful, sexy, hot and exotic. She loves all cultures and races, she is stunningly beautiful, she has Brad Pitt, she has Brad Pitt’s babies, she’s won an Oscar, she’s been named Global Humanitarian of the Year by the United Nations, she wins all the sexy and most beautiful polls, she’s an A-list MOVIE STAR and she’s been inducted into the Council on Foreign Relations….

    Instead of being appreciative of how she does what she does, most women embrace their own stupidity and loser status — and decide to turn her into the devil.

    They essentially and symbolically are making the choice to remain shallow, superficial, dumb and boring like their team leader & figurehead, Jennifer Aniston.


  15. SARAH

    I can admit that AJ is a beautiful woman. I, as a woman, am able to do that. She doesn’t threaten me. I love seeing women do great things. AJ has certainly achieved & I don’t begrudge her any of the good things she has done. I applaud her.
    But she has made a name for herself as a man stealer. Billy Bob Thorton/Laura Dern, Brad Pitt/Jennifer Aniston and who knows before that. I think the thing that makes people dislike her is because, while she was with Billy Bob, he cheated on her. When that happened, she told the world in a televised interview, that she would never take another woman’s man; she had been cheated on, she didn’t want to be the cause of that kind of pain……and we all know what happened with Brad……so I think there is a little more dislike for the lying hypocrite she has shown the world than the amazingly beautiful exotic humanitarian adopting saint that you talked about in your post.
    Just a thought.

  16. Jo

    I hope his faults have been just the ones of failing his dutties on child support, being a loving dad and of emotional abuse. He has always had the looks of a child molester to me…

  17. Hey Ugly…

    I don’t believe that I mentioned Aniston once? I’m actually not a fan of hers.

    My issue with Ms. Jolie is not the fact that she is a home wrecker. It’s the fact that
    she is fcking nuts. She’s always been crazy and she still is crazy. She is the same
    crazy person that abused/abuses drugs, collected knives, self-mutilated, wore vials of
    blood..etc…etc…only now she is collecting children. Collecting and ignoring.

    UN Ambassador? A courtesy title they would give any A/B list actor that asked.
    An Oscar winner? FOR PLAYING A CRAZY PERSON!

    As far as the crazy bitch being “beautiful, sexy, hot and exotic”, maybe at one time,
    but now she’s just self-serving, narcissistic, creepy and anorexic.

  18. me

    Jessica, shut the F#(*%^&*(Q^%# up. Remember that skank that drowned all five of her kids? That’s F#*&$%(ed up, and it’s not a joke. Shut your trampy face.

  19. lookwhaticando

    UglyTraniston said:


    Amen, Love your post. So very true.

  20. Sarah'sStupid

    Sarah, you’re an idiot. If you’re going to brand Angelina Jolie a “man stealer” then don’t bring up Laura Dern/BBT unless you’re a complete and total moron. Do you not know that Laura Dern had an affair with BBT when he was MARRIED to another woman? Laura Dern was NOT MARRIED TO BBT, therefore if he chose leave her for another woman, that’s his right. Secondly, Laura Dern went from wrecking BBT’s marriage straight to wrecking ANOTHER MARRIAGE by taking up with Ben Harper. Laura Dern was preggers with Harper’s baby LONG BEFORE his divorce was final. And IIRC Jeff Goldbum was ALSO married when she took up with him. That’s 3 relationships founded on the misery of other women (and children!) because Dern “stole” their husbands. So the next time you go branding Angelina Jolie a man-stealer, you might want to re-think that whole Dern/BBT argument. Because her sh#t is far stinkier than Angie’s!

  21. Sarah'sStupid

    Oh yeah…one last thing…I forgot to address your idiot statement about Angie “stealing” Brad. You obviously think you know the history of the Pitt/Aniston relationship, but you clearly don’t. Pitt & Aniston were kaput LONG BEFORE Jolie entered the picture. Anybody with an ounce of common sense knows that 2003 was pretty much at trial separation for the two of them. Just when Brad thought things were getting better that loser bitch he was married to capped off a bad year with a birthday party for Brad at which his hideous wife, who herself is missing a major “sensitivity chip”, gave Brad a FAKE PREGNANCY TEST for his birthday…in front a good dozen witnesses. She embarrassed the man in front of their friends. At that point they were DONE, but both had commitments to honor in 2004 and stayed together for that purpose. Please note that this was BEFORE HE MET ANGELINA JOLIE ON THE SET OF M&MS!!! And anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together knows that Pitt & Aniston were all but living apart after June 2004. Angie herself has said they didn’t even allow themselves to think there was more to their relationship until the end of the shoot – October 2004.

    What amazes me is that after more than 2 years of Brad & Angelina being together there are still people like yourself and the stupendously sick and ignorant “Jessica” – as dumb as Simpson herself, I’m sure – who are still harping on how Jolie and Pitt came together. I hope to God you exert as much time and energy worrying about your own life and family as you do about two celebs who couldn’t give a rat’s ass what you think of them individually, their relationship, their kids, their careers, their talent or the way they came together. As the two of them are fond of saying – THEY know the truth and they can live with it. The problem is, YOU don’t know the truth and you’re surfing the web spreading your ignorance, presumably under the impression that you know the truth better than they do.

    Now go see if you can find someone to fund a movie for your idol Aniston. Word has it, and word has had it for a while now, that no one in HW is willing to finance any movies that she’s a major player in. Ergo, she’s resorted to kissing her best friend on a little-known cable tv show. When she was dogging Brad’s name and reputation to every publication that would throw her a Pity Party and her reaming bad movies before they hit home video, she should’ve remembered that what goes around comes around, because now she’s finding out in spades – nobody in HW wants to work with her.

  22. jannre

    I came on here to voice my opinion, just like the rest of you have..If my opinion is different from yours, so what! I don’t like Angelina Jolie, never have and never will. And it has nothing to do with Jennifer Aniston, I disliked AJ long before she ever hooked up ” to a married Brad Pitt”. You lovers can make excuses for her til the cows come home. Thats your opinion. I think she is a freaky, mentally unstable, Ho. And it has everything to do with her actions, past and present. And one of these two will dump the other soon, and the kids will be the ones that suffer for it!

  23. jannre

    And Sarahstupid: your name says it all. How do you know that Aniston has no movie deals in the works? And how many movies has Jolie made lately that have been big hits? She only won an award for “Girl Interupted” because she was playing herself. The only movie she ever made that I liked was ” Taking Lives”, and that was only because Im an Ethan Hawke fan. But Aniston has made several movies that I have enjoyed. “Rock Star”, and “The Good Girl, being two of them…And do you know all the people in Hollywood. Since you say no one wants to work with her..Maybe you should start writing fiction novels for a living!

  24. “me said:
    Jessica, shut the F#(*%^&*(Q^%# up. Remember that skank that drowned all five of her kids? That’s F#*&$%(ed up, and it’s not a joke. Shut your trampy face.”

    A moronic and completely off the point statement. Thanks for the contribution, now, go play in traffic.

  25. Sarah'sStupid

    Jannre – How do I know Aniston has no films in the pike? You’re kidding right? Do you have any idea how many ways there are to find out that information? But, just to humor you…I know people well-placed in the industry and let’s just say that Aniston has a few projects that she’s been trying to get off the ground for about 2 years, with no takers. The last time she worked was when she rode Vince Vaughn’s back to success in TBU – which wrapped in August 2005. Since that time Aniston has NOT been offered any new roles. The projects she currently has are scripts she got in the Plan B settlement agreement. Aniston, without a hugely popular male co-star, ie, Carey, Stiller or Vaughn, is box-office poison. Nobody wants to see her do Rachel on the big screen. Furthermore, nobody in HW wants to work with an actress who dogs her movies in the press before they hit the home video market. The studios couldn’t even give away copies of Rumor Has It after she trashed it in several publications.

    As for Angelina Jolie’s successes and lack thereof – yes, she’s had some major bombs, but she’s also had major successes that were successful on HER BACK, not solely because her co-stars were huge BO draws. From the top down, producer, directors, actors, lighting techs, boom operators and the catering crew – people say nice things about Angelina – as a person, as a mother, as a mate, her work ethic AND her talent. She gets more movie offers than she could possibly ever do in a lifetime, let alone one year. These days producers know they have to give her something special to draw her away from her Brad and her kids, and even then she’ll only agree to short shooting schedules – no more than 6 or 7 weeks at a time and asks to have weekends off to spend with her family. Can she be a diva? You bet your sweep bippie, but, bottom line? People want to hire her because of her talent, not because of who she’s married to. People who work with her would gladly do so again. She doesn’t throw tantrums, make outrageous demands or ask people to do things she herself wouldn’t do. And that is why Angelina Jolie is a hot commodity – not because of her looks, but because of her talent and her willingness to lay herself on the line for the sake of her movie. Oh yeah, and she doesn’t badmouth her bombs as “the worst mistake of my life”.

  26. “I know people well-placed in the industry”

    ooooh…color me unimpressed.


  27. Sarah

    Dear Sarah’s Stupid

  28. SARAH

    Sarah’sStupid said:
    Oh yeah…one last thing…I forgot to address your idiot statement about Angie “stealing” Brad. You obviously think you know the history of the Pitt/Aniston relationship, but you clearly don’t.


  29. Beulah

    I have to back up Jannre above. I like Angelina Jolie, but my friend does not. Some people embrace wildness and exotic and free spiritedness, but others do not. My good friend cannot stand Jolie and she’s not a fan of Aniston. She has high morals and a great character. I mean that seriously, not some fake people who pretend to be moral. Jolie is just so different from her until she can’t relate to her. It’s hard for her to see where Jolie is coming from. My friend thinks Jolie is weird. That’s how she describes her. She doesn’t think Jolie is beautiful and she doesn’t like her movies. She just doesn’t like her. We need to realize that some people just don’t like Angelina Jolie.

    Aniston seems plain and homely to you, but there are a lot of other people who CAN relate to her. She’s had problems with her mother. She has to diet and exercise to stay slim. She’s not beautiful. She hangs out with her friends. She has flaws. She seems nice. Criticizing Brad publicly wasn’t right, but she shouldn’t be crucified for that forever.

    I don’t believe Jolie or Aniston get pleasure in hurting others. Neither woman is evil.

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