Jon Voight Brags About All His Grandkids!

Hell, I still thought Jon Voight and his daughter, Angelina Jolie, were still estranged. I guess they’ve made amends and he’s part of the family she’s got with Brad Pitt. And he loves those grandkids!

Shiloh, oh boy, she’s a smart one, but she’s four years old, you can never tell what she does, her face lights up,” Voight told People at FOX’s Fall Eco-Casino Party earlier this week. Shiloh is seen pictured with her mom and sister Zahara as they arrive in London Heathrow Airport yesterday.

He said he tries to keep in touch as much as possible via Skype with his six grandchildren, but he admits he’s not so technologically savvy. Well, he’s 71! What do you expect?

 “I’m trying! Maddox says ‘okay’ – he writes me back ‘okay’ and then I can’t get it, but I’ve been away for my computer so I couldn’t get back to him,”

he said. He’s planning on visiting them soon once he gets some r&r from his new Fox show Lone Star.