Jon & Kate The Sequel: Starring A Brand New Kate

Update: Well that was a fun lie, wasn’t it? According to RadarOnline, Jon Gosselin says he never had a romantic relationship with Star reporter Kate Major. According to him it was a trick by her because she wanted to be in the spotlight herself. In a fun turn of events, Kate suddenly resigned from Star today. I’m thinking embarrasment, fraud, someone put eight children on her desk. One of those.

Jon is very upset about this and says that he never slept with her or had any kind of a relationship. Apparently Jon is still all about his girlfriend, maybe fiancee, Hailey Glassman. Kate’s father refused to comment on the story to RadarOnline, saying that he wanted to part in this. Well, I guess this means that my Jon & Kate sequel isn’t going to work out. Damn it! So looking forward to that, too.

Hey, so remember like a few days ago when Jon Gosselin was still dating party animal Hailey Glassman and was basically engaged to her? Well, looks like that’s over now! According to Star Magazine Jon has found something closely resembling love with their reporter, Kate Major. Kate! I know! She’s even blonde like Kate Gosselin! Crazy!

Kate confirmed to the magazine that the two are indeed together even though they met only five days ago. “I didn’t mean it to happen, it just did,” Kate says. “I went to do a story on Jon and ended up falling for him.” Yup, they met so she could interview him and are now dating.

And guess who their new bff is? Michael Lohan. Yes that Michael Lohan. Apparently he and Kate are very good friends so it’s only appropriate that they hung out with him for dinner in the East Hamptons. “Kate has been like a daughter and…Jon and her are good friends,” Michael told E! News. “When they needed a place to relax, I opened my door.” Seriously, that man will show up in the oddest of places.

I don’t know how I’m gonna feel about the Jon & Kate sequel. It’ll be interesting trying to watch the new Kate manage the 8 kids while also trying to be a Star reporter. Maybe the old Kate can help out! No, no. She’ll probably be busy moving boxes. Oh the tragedy that is the Gosselin family. Poor, poor 8 children.

Gallery Info: Jon Gosselin and Kate Major having dinner together in New York City.