Jon & Kate Officially Over

June 18th, 2009 // 9 Comments

Ladies and gentleman, we present to you the saddest news of the day: Jon and Kate Gosselin are getting a divorce. A source close to the couple confirmed to that they will make the announcement on Monday.

TLC released a video hinting that an important announcement was soon to be made, and most people assumed that it was the announcement Jon and Kate were divorcing. has learned that Jon will be filing the divorce papers sometime next week.
The divorce comes amidst the talk of Kate’s abuse, drinking, and infidelity. As well as the old news of Jon’s “Ick. Nast.” affair with teacher Deanna Hummel.

As a fan of “Jon & Kate Plus 8″ myself, I must say that I am saddened by this whole sordid affair. Well, not so much by the fact that Kate is involved, she’s kinda annoying. Come now, you must agree with me? Poor 8 children. I’ll miss you every Monday night at 9 PM wreaking havoc on Mom and Dad.

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By Sabba Rahbar

  1. american dreamer

    Now that Jon is getting divorced he won’t have a lame excuse for being unemployed. As a lawyer I know a family court judge will keep those kids with their mom in that house and there is no way Jon is going to be hanging out there each day.

    The fact Jon went from heavy drinking to smoking cigarettes to smoking weed disturbs me.

    But the show must go on (I think?)!!

  2. american dreamer

    I noticed the person who wrote this post thinks the show will be over on account of this.

    I think quite the opposite.


  3. Taylor Blue

    I love that picture of her for your lead in pic. Am I bad that I am laughing at it? LOL

  4. Liz

    Yeah, Jon and Kate might be over, but rumor has it that the producers are helping Jon find an apartment that the cameras will fit in. They won’t kill the show that easy. They should. But they won’t.

  5. american dreamer

    This would be great if it meant the gravy train is over for these two bozos. But then I think of the kids. It will take some time to find all of them good homes. I hope they keep in touch. Maybe the kids are just paid actors. They don’t look much alike.

  6. Who Cares

    If I were married to Kate, I think I would have to drink heavily and smoke the herb too. Gawd, what a bitch.

    But considering the fact that Jon has 8 young kids and is doing these types of shenangians, he’s an asshole.

    What a train wreck. Poor kids.

  7. Ande

    Im thinking they are going to announce the end of the show.

  8. Karen

    I hope they end the show because of it, but there are so many other opportunities for money grubbing out there I can’t imagine Kate allowing it.

    Maybe Gloria Allred would be her divorce attorney in exchange for all the publicity.

  9. Martiniman

    Interesting. Jon and Kate were over for me a long time ago.

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