Jon & Kate Divorce Gets Nastier

June 25th, 2009 // 1 Comment

Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin may be the ones getting the divorce, but it’s the 8 part that most people are focusing on.

According to family law attorney, Mary Cushing Doherty, the courts will question whether it’s “in the best interest of these children to have their lives on TV as children of divorce — is that way too much emotional baggage for any minor to have in their lives as children of divorced parents on TV?”

USA Today reports to even if Jon and Kate come to a private custody agreement, the court can still rule that any more television exposure is detrimental to their children, and not allow the 8 kids to be on the show anymore.

In addition to all the fun custody stuff, Jon and Kate have their show to worry about. Basically, TLC ruined their life with this show and if they cancel Jon & Kate Plus 8 after the divorce, each of them could argue that they deserve more of their estate money because they are not longer reaping in the dough from the show.

Another fun thing will be waiting to see who remains the celebrity of the couple. Will Jon get the book deal and the follow up show? Or will Kate? Will anyone read this book and watch potential follow up show? Will we even remember who Jon and Kate are in a year?
The answer to all of those questions is yes. Well, kind of yes. Well, yes for me anyway. Jon Plus None or Kate Plus 8. You like? Apparently Kate gets the kids in my mind.

Gallery Info: Kate Gosselin and daughter Cara out running errands. 

By Sabba Rahbar

  1. wolf

    Well it’s about time she put on a hat and covered up that hideous weed-whacker hair cut! Thanks for going easier on my eyes today Kunt….oops! I mean Kate.

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