Jon Gosselin Would Be Jealous Of A Ten-Year-Old Boy

Jon Gosselin’s soulmate of, oh about a year or so, proves she’s still a class act. The almost 23 year old (who is throwing a birthday party in NYC called “Black Out or Get Out” ) Hailey Glasssman has never shied away from sharing Gosselin’s shortcomings. 

But give that girl a cover, even a cover of a NY & NJ entertainment magazine where she looks 32 and mid sex change, and she’ll give you the most embarrassing shortcoming she can. Are you ready? Jon has a “three inch” penis. 

“He was so small I didn’t think he would cheat on me,” she told Steppin’ Out magazine. “”He’s hung like a nine-year-old boy.”  I love it! All this time we thought he was the one robbing the cradle. 

Although now we need an new explanation for why the fat, balding, middle aged, smoking, annoying, arrogant, pathetic, dead beat dad was being fought over by younger girls. Although it does explain why he was whipped by Kate Gosselin for all those years…who is definitely somewhere with a big smile on her face right now.  

Here’s the tiny weeny in Maui on Wednesday, February 10, 2010 starring in the Celebrity Fat Bald Bitch Club and looking like he has yet to receive his issue of Steppin’ Out.