Jon Gosselin Has A Message For You

November 22nd, 2009 // 3 Comments

Sorry; bit of fun there!  These two are entirely too depressing.

Anyhoosie, Jon Gosselin, seen here on a quick layover at LAX on his way home from the wedding of Philadelphia Phillies’ Shane Victorino in Hawaii, met with estranged wife Kate Gosselin yesterday at the courthouse for divorce arbitration.

Jon’s lawyer, Mark Heller, opened his big fat mouth to People with all the details.

“It was a positive move in the right direction for us to bring them together to the mediation table,” says Heller. “Obviously before two warring parties can smoke the peace pipe, they have to sit down at a table and address the issues that brought them to the skirmish.”

The good news: the divorce may be final by the end of the year.  Thank Jeebus!  I don’t know how much longer any of us could stand hearing about this mess.

I wonder if Kate will go back to her maiden name once they are divorced, whatever that is.  I’m going to guess ‘Deathbringer.‘  It has a lovely waspish ring to it.

Gallery Info: Jon Gosselin charming the pants off of his fans at LAX and having a smoke break.

By Nicole Steadman

  1. Frann

    You are an ass. I can hear your jealosy of Kate all over this so called writing. Try another line of work.

  2. Jeanne

    Actually, Kate is turning out to be a really strong person. Something I cannot say concerning Jonboy. He really should have his name changed to Jonboy, because a man he is definitely NOT. What’s that? You say he’s a man because he has balls? Nah, warthogs have em too, but that doesn’t make them men. This guy is below humanity. I’m ashamed we have to call him a member of the human race. I hope Kate gets most of the settlement, with a large portion of that going into a trust for the kids. As for Jonboy? Let him push a broom somewhere, just enough for drug money so he can end it all by overdosing. Then we’re really free of him.

  3. Wolf

    Jon Gross-lin is a fat piece of shit.
    Thinks he’s all hot with the ladies? What a joke. No woman with any self-respect would be seen with him after seeing his temper tantrums and how he cheated on his wife.
    I’m sick of seeing his fugly mug plastered everywhere. He makes real men look bad.
    And his children are going to be so embarrassed once they’re old enough to know what’s up.

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