Jon Gosselin Cheated On His Wife’s Birthday

June 10th, 2009 // 8 Comments

The Gosselin family have yet another tabloid cover to add to their collection. The most recent Us Weekly claims that reality TV family patriarch Jon Gosselin spent his wife’s 34th birthday on a romantic vacation with his alleged 23-year-old girlfriend Deanna Hummel.

While Kate Gosselin celebrated her special day alone with her kids at home, Jon was reportedly out at the annual Pond Skimming race at the Spring Gruv festival in Park City.

A spy reveals that Jon and Hummel spent the evening at the Downstairs bar, where he and his group of friends were “reeking of pot.” Gosselin is reported to have told a local friend at one point during the day, “Hey, it’s Kate’s birthday. I should get her something.” However, he never ended up getting her anything.

I’m sure she can always use a gift certificate for some highlights. That hairstyle of hers looks complicated.

Gallery Info: Kate Gosselin and her little helpers empty the car and share a kiss.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Livinius Nwambe

    Brutal, but I’m not going to blame him. Have you seen how she… uh… manhandles him? I’d get the bitch a vibrator for her birthday, as she clearly has no use for him

  2. ragmaglover

    gag me with these two. their poor kids.

  3. american dreamer

    I’m guessing that the public’s sympathy is going to veer in Kate’s direction because Jon is neither working nor helping with the kids.

    At least Kate is hustling trying to write books, get freebies and more.

    Jon isn’t contributing anything other than his sperm.

    I’d like to study the psychology of the woman dating Jon knowing he is married and has eight kids at home. I hate women like that.

  4. Darci

    American Dreamer….you couldn’t have said it any better!!!!

  5. Tc

    I don’t know WHO I feel sorry for. Neither of them, thats for sure. Just the kids!

    My personal opinion is…I think this is completely just for the show – relationship problems and all. Look at their show. Their premiere had 9 mil wanting to know whats going to happen to them. Every week after that, there has been something. Kate’s bday – that cake show was on there, next week – the West Coast Choppers boys. I honestly think that they know people want to watch and find out what’s going to happen to them so they are putting other shows on there for publicity for THEIR shows. It’s kind of ridiculous. They will get paid per episode and for the publicity it brings to the other shows, will probably get paid extra.

  6. american dreamer

    I think the reference to drug use by Jon brings this whole thing to a different level.

    This guy already has a problem with alcohol and now he has turned to “soft” drugs. I am guessing “hard” drugs are next.

    What happens when Jon in a drunken stupor drops some meth on the floor of his home and one of his kids picks it up, thinks it is candy and ingests it?

    That happened in a playground here in NYC and the kid died!!!

  7. american dreamer

    Does anyone know how much money they make for this show?

    Is it enough to last them the rest of their lives if the show peters out in a couple of years (which seems likely)?

    Kate should start teaching the kids to tap dance or something so they can do vaudeville after the show is over. She can be a 21st century Mama Rose!

  8. testsicles

    “What happens when Jon in a drunken stupor drops some meth on the floor of his home and one of his kids picks it up, thinks it is candy and ingests it?”

    Who the fuck cares? They’ve got 7 more. They’ll hardly miss one. It’s not like they can’t make another.

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