Jon Gosselin Can’t Find Wife Kate, Teases Big Announcement

June 22nd, 2009 // 2 Comments

At an impromptu press conference just outside his home in Pennsylvania, Jon Gosselin chatted with reporters about the much-anticipated one-hour episode of Jon & Kate plus 8 set to air on Monday.

Limiting his replies to questions with a request that viewers tune in to see the episode, Jon answered the question of where wife Kate Gosselin was at the moment by saying, “I have no idea.” The father of eight also spent the day taking his son to the hospital for a bump on the head.

Jon also said that he’s been spending less time with his rumored mistress, Deanna Hummel. Speculations are running rampant that the “big announcement” on today’s episode will be that the reality television couple are making public their plans for divorce.

Hey, anything for some ratings, right?

Gallery Info: Jon Gosselin
spends Father’s Day with his children.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. anon

    Funny how Kate can disappear when she wants to… and yes anything for ratings and keep that cash cow giving milk!

  2. Lindz

    again. those poor, poor kids.

    someday, they’ll be old enough to read all the archived garbage their parents put them through while they were too small to really understand what was going on.

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