Jon Gosselin Admits ‘Poor Judgement,’ Denies Affair

April 29th, 2009 // 13 Comments

Best known for his role as father on the TLC reality television series Jon & Kate Plus 8, Jon Gosselin is speaking out concerning allegations of his infidelity plastered on the cover of the most recent issue of Us Weekly.

The cover’s title reads: Jon & Kate Exclusive: Caught With Another Woman and features a photograph of the father of eight out for a drive with a mystery woman at 2 a.m. who was definitely not his wife Kate Gosselin.

The article alleges Gosselin was overheard telling his companion, “Hey, babe! Babe! Give me my jacket!” before they fled at the sight of photographers. He had arrived at the club at around 11:30 p.m. and didn’t leave until early in the morning.

In an emailed statement to the magazine, Jon states, “Yes, I have female friends–but that is all she is. I’m not going to end my friendships just because I’m on TV.” He also claims this friend just wanted to “check out  [his] car” and that’s why she was driving.

Although he asserts it was a harmless encounter, Jon admits, “What makes me sick is that my careless behavior has put my family in this uncomfortable position.”

Gallery Info: Jon Gosselin and Kate Gosselin.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Lola

    This is probably the only guy that I would give a pass to if he did cheat on his wife. Kate is such a shrew! She treats Jon like one of the children. She always interrupts him. I can’t imagine living with her.

  2. Big Montana

    My duaghter watched this show, so I was forced into it. I no longer allow her to watch it. Not only are these children being explaoited for the financial gain of the parents (this is now Jon’s full time job), but Kate is possibly the worst role model for young girls on television. Her constant berating and smack-talking about her husband on camera should be an embarassment to wives and mothers everywhere. That gal’s got issues!!!

  3. american dreamer

    Jon Gosselin has NEVER held a real job since this show took off.

    His wife begged someone to get him a government job running computers which he quit after just a few weeks and he hasnt even been looking for work since.

    Jon doesnt even help with the kids on or off the show.

    The only reason he keeps coming back to his wife is for the free ride.

    Theres a movement to boycott this show cause it sets such a bad example. Both husband AND wife are living off the show without pursuing any other career. When the show fades which it will they’ll be left with nothing.

  4. dbi

    American D that was exactly what I was thinking. This is a chance for Jon to go to school and get a career to support his family. Kate has her R N degree. This money won’t last forever and they are both going to have to get back out there.

  5. dbi

    American D that was exactly what I was thinking. This is a chance for Jon to go to school and get a career to support his family. Kate has her R N degree. This money won’t last forever and they are both going to have to get back out there.

  6. Bu

    Kate treats Jon so badly….I feel badly for Jon!
    No wonder he is out and about!

  7. Matthew

    I don’t watch this crap show, but ya’ll have to remember, the producers deiced what gets aired and what doesn’t get aired. “Reality” television isn’t always “real” ya’ll!!!!!!

    People like you keep watching for the drama, whether you want to admit it or not. That’s what keeps the ratings up. So blame yourself.

  8. KJIH-TV

    Why is their Wikipedia entry totally santized to not include ONE mention of possible child exploitation doing the show nor Jon’s possible women-chasing ways? It’s not at all a balanced article. I think the KON “sheeple” want it that way. When ‘Little People, Big World’ star Matt Roloff got popped for a 2nd time for DUI, they acknowledged it in his Wiki entry. But KON come off looking like saints! It’s disgusting!!!

  9. dec55

    Jon is a IT tech…these guys earn about $75k to maybe $120,000 a year….the ear a lot.
    He was able to support the family on while Kate
    stayed home most of the time… the whole
    series…..Jon is a good father… and loves his wife.

    This whole “story” is probably going to get
    the show more ratings anyway and make
    the family millions. All the kids will probably be

  10. Diane

    I sure hope this is not an affair. What is Jon thinking? When you have a weekly TV show he should no everyone is always watching behide the camera too. Grow up and act like adults, you have 8 kids, a great wife,a nice home and a good income, Are you going to throw all that away for a one night stand? shame on you!

  11. hey hey

    i watch the show every chance i get. even re-runs. this is so shocking! jon is such a nice guy. and i think its wrong trying to blame what he did on kate. if your where home all day with 8 kids, you will probably be tired and ill sometimes. dont blame what he did on her. that was his decision… there are other ways to handle whats goin on in your life.

  12. laine

    She is (or must be) impossible to deal with…my husband will not allow the show on in our house because she is such a witch… He is right, she is controlling and she treats him like one of the kids instead of her husband. The show should be called Kate and her 9 kids…….she should be ashamed of herself for treating him like a second class citizen. I could not show my face if I was her.

  13. Natalie

    I feel badly for Jon. He appears so miserable. Look at the guys body language. I dont stand for cheating, but I would cheat on her!

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