Jon Hamm Takes His Bulge Out For A Walk. Oh! Jennifer Westfeldt Is There Too.

A Lighter Note
Jon Hamm's cute Sesame Street appearance.
Thank Heavens for sweatpants!

Yes, unfortunately it’s another one of those posts. Jon Hamm’s bulge is making another appearance everywhere.

Even though the actors thinks all the penis talk is rude, it’s difficult to resist. Just look at it! It’s impossible not to.

His wife, Jennifer Westfeldt is a very lucky lady. Raise your hand if you envy her.

While out for a stroll in Los Feliz, California with his wife, Hamm’s ever present bulge made itself much more obvious. Perhaps he needs to have a talk with the Mad Men costume designer to see if he or she can help him find looser pants.

It must get a very frustrating knowing he’s constantly discussed and not always for his acting chops. A little objectification never really hurt anyone, right? How do you feel about his privates as they appropriately called?

Let’s just hope there aren’t more problems of the set of his show. It would just be terrible (sarcasm, haha) if we had to continue to report on his appendage.

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