Jon Hamm Spends ‘7 Minutes In Heaven’ [VIDEO]

Jon Hamm
Hamm filmed scenes for the IFC comedy.
Jon Hamm At Emmys
Jon Hamm and his wife Jennifer at the 2010 Emmys.
On The Set Of 'Savages'
Taylor Kitsch plays a game of basketball.
Not only is Jon Hamm the dreamiest dreamboat there ever was, but he’s got a sense of humor that makes the ladies go “wooooooooot.”

Hamm appeared on Mike O’Brien’s 7 Minutes In Heaven web series, where the Saturday Night Live writer grilled Hamm on Don Draper’s Ally McBeal guest spot, tickled him like a little dickens and even got Hamm to give him 7 or so milliseconds in the closet!

You won’t get a kiss if you compliment Hamm’s work in The Town, but you might get lucky if the two of you run out of things to talk about.

Who else laughed til they peed a little when Hamm giggled from a tickle spider attack?

“We’re done…guy.”