Jon Hamm Looks Dapper While Filming Season 7 Of ‘Mad Men’

Work Of Art
Check out Jon's adorable Sesame Street appearance!
The absolute best part of Mad Men returning for its seventh season would have to be the slew of new pictures of extremely dapper looking, Jon Hamm.

He strolled around in nice brown suit and even seemed to cuddle up to some of the crew who were present! How lucky are the ladies who get to be with him on a daily basis? I’m definitely a little bit jealous at the moment.

Something very important doesn’t seem to be making an appearance. It feels as though we’re playing a game of I-Spy whenever we look at any of his photos. What is it that’s missing, though?

Have you guessed it? That fantastic trouser snake we’re all always searching for! It was rumored that his famous appendage was causing problems on set and it’s no surprise. The suit seems to be concealing the goods which is somewhat disappointing. Clothing from the 1960’s is supposed to be rather tight, right? Maybe the costume designers for the show decided to make a few alterations to ensure Hamm’s goods weren’t…waving to everyone with every step he took.

Yes, it’s necessary to go searching down below whenever a new photo of the actor surfaces. Not only is he talented at what he does, but he has a few physical characteristics which happen to extremely pleasing to the eye!

Mad Men will be returning April 13, 2014 at 10pm. What are you most looking forward to in the upcoming season? Let us know in the comments below!