Jon Hamm Freestyle Raps. About The TV Show ‘Taxi’ [VIDEO]

Jon Hamm's Many Looks
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Jon Hamm At Emmys
Jon Hamm and his wife Jennifer at the 2010 Emmys.
Is there anything that Jon Hamm can’t do?

Comedy Bang! Bang!, a new IFC show premiering in June, describes itself as a “spontaneously surreal talk show,” is hosted by comedian Scott Aukerman and accompanied by the musical stylings of beatboxing comedy wizard Reggie Watts.

IFC released a clip of Hamm rapping with Reggie Watts. The series doesn’t premiere until June, but that’s fine because we’ll probably be watching nothing but this video of Hamm rattling off the names of Taxi cast members — “Louie’s there. Bobby’s there. Elaine — there. Tony Danza — there. Also in attendance: Latka” — from now until that time anyway.

In addition to rapping during this clip, Hamm also does a pretty spot-on impression of the Rev. Jim Ignatowski, as played by Christopher Lloyd.

Watch and listen by clicking the photo above. Plus watch another classic Jon Hamm TV moment. 

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