Jon Hamm Discusses Saying Goodbye To ‘Mad Men’ & What Makes Him Cry, Let’s Play Spot The Bulge

Jon On Sesame Street
Need a lesson on the alphabet? Jon will teach you about O.
Whenever we see Jon Hamm out and about, I can’t help but feel an incredible level of joy.

Even though he hates when we talk about his penis, I can’t help but play a little game I like to call, “Let’s Spot Jon Hamm’s Trouser Snake.”

Luckily, he has given us plenty of opportunities to play the game I enjoy so much.

After dining at The Church Key, our favorite appendage of his unfortunately wasn’t extremely clear. We can see a little of where it is, but no visible definition.

With the upcoming release of Million Dollar Arm and the somewhat unfortunate close of Mad Men, fans of the talented actor must be feeling bittersweet about the entire thing. Luckily, there has been an interview that puts everything in perspective.

Understandably dreading saying goodbye to Don Draper, Hamm spoke to Tina Fey and Bryan Cranston who recently had to put iconic characters into the past. When he asked Cranston about what it feels like, he got that response, “it takes awhile, and it stings.”

As of right now, the close of the widely popular show hasn’t made him cry. However, he did share that movies such as, Field of Dreams and The Natural did cause him to weep. A man who can admit he does cry is incredibly sexy.

Who knew he could become even more attractive?

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