Jon Hamm Covers ‘British GQ’, Talks About Leaving ‘Mad Men’ Behind

Jon Hamm's Junk
Hamm's Controversial Manhood Plays Hide & Seek
Did your Monday need some Jon Hamm hotness? Good, because that’s what I’ve got for you.

The godfather of the bulge covers the September Issue of British GQ and oh my god, does he look good. Somehow I missed this when it first came out, but I didn’t think you would say no to some sexy Hamm. You can see the cover itself after the jump, but here’s some pant-less and swimming Jon for you to enjoy. Of course he looks in a suit in a pool.

So, everyone wants to know Jon: what’s it like leaving Mad Men and Don Draper? 

“We all want to know what that final episode says, and how it says it. And it’ll be really hard. A decade of all of our lives. John Slattery was saying just the other night, what would we all have done without this show? It’s changed our lives so profoundly. And of course the unspoken thing is: what are we going to do next? And no one wants to think about that.”

That’s what Jon is unsure of, too. “There’s no road map for this. You look at someone like Matthew McConaughey – ten years ago, you wouldn’t have said he’s going to be an Oscar-winning actor, you know? The guy from Failure To Launch? You’d have been laughed out of the room.”

Jon does have a point about that Oscar thing. But at least I can picture him winning an Oscar. Probably in his 60s when he’s gone grey and is seriously channeling Cary Grant.

Jon Hamm British GQ

Oh! And just a tip, if you see Jon out and about, do not ask him for a kiss. “I can literally be walking through Central Park and every third person will be like, ‘Can I have a kiss?’ No! Absolutely not! And Jennifer [Westfeldt, Hamm’s long-term partner] will be right there! It doesn’t make you feel good. I’m like: how were you raised?”

Sorry Jon, we see you and we need it. Check out British GQ for more from the actor. I really do love this guy.

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